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Full Version: robot wars?
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as a poor student i have yet to buy all the shadowrun books and I have never even heard refrence to robot wars, and i was wondering what happened to it in 2060. twirl.gif
What is this you speak of?

Drain Brain
I couldn't think of anything about Robot Wars per se, but here's a quote from the Sprawl Survival Guide, p36, from the Personal Combat bit of the Sports Overview section:

Drone Combat Leagues are also growing a wider fanbase each year.  There is even some discussion on creating a professional drone-metahuman league, allowing drones and professional fighters to challenge each other.

That's about it, I'm afraid! I would assume that the program continues in some form or other, using low-tech robots as seen today, but probably only a "student" thing. The big boys would be playing pro-drone combat in large arenas, with live weaponry.

Bring on the Anthroforms!!!!!!! ork.gif:
IIRC, Robot Wars is the UK equivalent of Battlebots in the States. It's basically build a couple remote control robots with various bits of weaponry attached, then shove two in a ring and have them go at each other until one is destroyed.
Drain Brain
Basically.. wink.gif
QUOTE (Drain Brain)
Bring on the Anthroforms!!!!!!!  ork.gif:

Yeah, and bring on the excessive amounts of nuyen.gif spent on them.

Can we say "Corp-owned teams?" biggrin.gif
Corp-owned teams. grinbig.gif
Dim Sum
Well, I don't know about 2060, but in 3060, an ERPPC kicks major butt!

* tanka smacks Fortune around with a large trout.

I saw that one coming. nyahnyah.gif

I saw that one coming.

As you very well should have! wink.gif
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