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Full Version: Runner Havens - Where the heck are they?
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Is it just me or did others get a little disappointed when Runner Havens turned out to contain no addresses on the locations (in contrasts to previous sourcebook that contains addresses).
With the invention of GoogleEarth addresses suddenly get a whole new life, but all the new stuff in Runner Havens is kinda hard to place when it just states Downtown Seattle or Hong Kong. Boing able to actually place Penumbra and other locations on the map in GoogleEarth have turned out to be a great adventure planning tool.

And would it be a breach of copyrights if we made a community project in GoogleEarth with all known locations in Shadowrun? (Even finding someone good at making 3D buildings and recreating some of the landmarks in shadowrun, the Arcology comes to mind)
Afaik there already is a GoogleEarth SR-Seattle Map. But I don't know the URL anymore.
Quick search found this. Very cool.
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It was a developer decision to not put in addresses for the locations. The final draft of the Hong Kong section had them and they were edited out. But I did put them online for anyone interested. I'd like to do a Google Earth map for Hong Kong with the locations on it, but I haven't had the time yet.
I was not disappointed because it fits the streamlined playing style of SR4. While I like reading about the gameworld, the old Seattle Sourcebooks were of little INGAME value to me. Exact locations are of less value than one might think, because several large building projects will require a restructuring of the city streets. For more information referrence the next RENRAKU host.
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