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Full Version: What autosofts are available?
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The Jopp
What kind of Autosofts can one get anyway?

This was something that I started to think about when reading in the “First Aid” thread. The Crash Cart Autodoc has a rating 4 medkit – and I assume that it would be possible to buy an autosoft for the drone to use it properly.

So, what would be available? All skills? Having a Response 5 small drone with Biotech 4 / Medicine 4 and the necessary tools (Surgery kit, medkit rating 6 and Trauma Patches).

Or what about a regular sized drone with Melee weapons
Are you asking if Pilot|Agents can use SkillSofts?
my personal opinion is that if it's available in skillsoft form, then there is no reason an autosoft version could not be made. however, skillsofts themselves do not interact properly with drones, because drones don't have human brains.

of course, if you could use the software by means other than interfacing with a human brain (for example, linguasofts can be run as real time translation programs instead of being hooked up to your brain, if you so choose) then a drone could use it.

mapsofts and datasofts would likewise be usable, though tutorsofts would obviously be quite useless to a drone.

but that's just imo.
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