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Full Version: Original Battlefields
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what original and interesting places have you used for combats or other encounters during your runs? I am thinking of things like an encounter with a corporate physical adept on a narrow walkway in a cylindrical facility, so every miss in melee might result in slipping and falling a long way down.

Tight clockwise spiral staircases give penalties to melee attacks (maybe even ranged attacks) made coming up them by right-handed characters (think about trying to swing a weapon climbing up a tight spiral staircase). Maybe have a fight in a castle somewhere where the group must beseige a fort/similar that is over a low-force power-site (for return to the original owner's hands). Damage to the fort (bullet holes anyone?) results in pay being docked (or loss of bonuses).

Perhaps a fight after a short stay in a huge walk-in freezer when characters have previously just been soaked to the skin? Characters would be at penalties due to shiverring but would gain minor pain resistance due to numbness.

Just think of any area that might affect a fight and what modifier it could have. Critters can make for more interesting combats too.
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