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Full Version: Anti-Human racial slurs
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emo samurai
Everyone talks about Humanis and the CAS, but what about the other side of the tracks? What would the other metahumans call humans they hate?

I imagine that it's different for every race. Trolls would probably call humans "squishies," Orks would probably call them (and elves) "smoothies" or something. What about elves? "Dandelion pukers?"
Jack Kain

Breeder is an Ork slang word for Humans, rather ironic concidering Ork birth rates.

Hmm unevolved could work to.
Normie, Darwin rejects
QUOTE (Jack Kain)
Breeder is an Ork slang word for Humans, rather ironic concidering Ork birth rates.

I always wondered about that to.

Metas might actually make the word "human" scornful.

"Hey rocky look at the big ol' human who thinks he's tough."
that really doesn't make much sense, as metas are a sub-species (that is an offshoot species) of homo sapiens.

I think the word "normal" caries more scorn.
QUOTE (Snow_Fox)

A pox on your family, tusker! nyahnyah.gif
Wasn't Pinkie listed as a derogatory slang?

Fire Hawk
In several spots, I've seen elves refer to humans as "roundears". And then there's "normie", which was also used by a superhuman in one of the Fallout games - though I'm sure an ork used the epithet in a Shadowrun novel I'd read. I think it was The Lucifer Deck.
I like the Warhammer 40k ork slang, "humie".
Fire Hawk
Agreed. 40K orks always were a laugh riot.
Kyoto Kid
...according to TT elves, humans are regarded as either Cele (Speritheil) or "round ears"

These are two names that make KK's blood boil & often result in a 6DV punch to the face to the elf who said it.
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