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Full Version: How much of a bug to throw at a sammy?
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I have a player alone in the sewers.

Among other things, I want him to encounter an insect spirit, probably Roach. How tough of one could I reasonably use for a challenge, but not a deathtrap? The Sammy will need to come out of the encounter healthy enough to contribute to the rest of the adventure.

Dude, unless your samurai is prepped for melee (with skills and weapon), any bug is going to eat him alive.

And killing a bug with firearms is nigh impossible.

I'm not talking about using a true-form insect. I know they have that invulnerability ickiness. Is it the same for others?

For example, this looks doable:

dwarf Type 1 Roach Spirit
Force: 3
Body: 9
Quickness: 7
Strength: 6
Charisma: 3
Intelligence: 3
Willpower: 3
Essence: 3
Reaction: 5
Combat Pool: 6

Initiative 5 +1d6
thermographic vision
(str)M bite
Wall Crawling:3

Is there something else not listed here I need to know about it?
I don't have the appropriate reference books to tell you yea or nay, but I'd suggest something less Insect-ish.

If he has any imagination, he'll wet himself and run in the other direction.

OK, I know I can find (or make up) something else to find down there (along with the Red Sams chasing him, and the Orc Underground guards he will run into...)
Well... with no knowledge of the sammy... that could hurt.... with body 9 and armor 4, and quickness 7 it will be tough to land an effective melee attack without getting seriously hurt.... perhaps you could do something simpler in a sewer... have him fight off a few demon or devil rats.

However, if you really wanted to use the roach, and you have a skilled player, they could find someway out of the challenge... and if it's a tough sammy, with matching attributes and maybe a sword... he'll be fine.
Shambler! Shambler! Shambler!

Ed, I like your Roach Dwarf. As a flesh-form, I don't think its forced by the rules to have Venom power, but you can easily rule that it does. Simply decide whether this particular twisted cross between human and bug has the bug-like venom producers, sacks, and injectors.

As armor is not inherent in a flesh-form, it'll be whatever this particular soldier has chosen to put on. Armored Jacket (5/3) or Dwarven Long Coat (4/2) come to mind. I don't know anything that will be Armor 4/4. The more human-like the creature, the more likely it can wear armor and the less likely it can crawl on walls. You simply pick how this particular one came out.

The soldier might be protecting 3 worker roaches. Upon encountering the samurai the workers might back away while the soldier attacks.

The Soldier's combat skill will be its Reaction.

Bite (teeth) is normally a "reach -1" weapon, but it this one walks on all 4 legs or has mandibles I would rule it to be "reach 0" as the weapon is right out there in front. As a flesh form, however, it can use clubs, edged weapons, spears, pistols, etc., if it has the right body parts.
I pulled the info from the random bug generator on

Is the "type" equivalent to the number of successes on the transformation test? Ie, there would be no "type 5", because the form would call it a "good merge"?
Sounds like a three success merge to me. Its not a five as it would look just like a dwarf. Its not a four if it can still crawl on walls, but it could easily have venom sacks at 4. I think 3 is probably the most likely.

But its really not that hard with the stats provided, and what self resepecting sammy goes anywhere without a dikote katana? wink.gif

Just make sure the sammy has a way out if its too tough. Even if it means a running fight till he can get to a full outlet because there isn't time to get up a ladder, or he gets to one of those large multi level sewer junctions you guys have in the states, make sure that if he gets in trouble he can get to somewhere with room to move and maybe get a shot off. Against bullets, 75% of the time flesh forms will go down fast to even a beginning sammie with a half decent firearms skill and a hand cannon.

We like bugs with my group. They give teams an opportunity to cut loose and even at high level it can make them sh*t bricks. But at starting level they can be fun too, as long as there are plenty of bullets and not many true forms. One on one though, I've never done. I reckon a wussy bug is about right for a starting sammie, and this one isn't too bad a deal. Scary yes. Impossible? Nah, not really. But definately scary! I say do it! The player will thank you for it (at the same time as callling you every name under the sun, but he WILL thank you for it, promise you.

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