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Full Version: AOE spells and drain
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Page 173 BBB4

Dice expended to change the radius of effect cannot be used in any related test, such as resisting drain for that spell

This looks like a carry-over from previous editions.

Do you actually lose dice on both the spellcasting roll AND the drain roll, or is this a relic of when it was a pool?

Magic 4
Sorcery 4
Will 4
Logic 4

Casts Stunball 6. however 6 meters radius is a little large so they want to knock it down to 4 meters).

Spellcasting roll would be Magic(4) + Sorcery (4) -2 = 6 dice
Drain roll would be Will(4)+Logic(4) = 8 dice, or (-2) = 6 dice.

I missed that one line and have always treated drain as the full, you hampered the spellcasting roll to change radius.

However the specifically mention drain....

Pretty sure it is a left over relic, but do other agree?
I believe that language is in place for spellcasting foci. You can withhold Spellcasting Foci dice for the drain test. This language prevents you from withholding dice from the spellcasting test to manipulate AOE size then claiming them for drain. If the line you quote isnít there you could argue that the withholding is compatible.

But the penalty only applies to the spellcasting dicepool. Not the drain resistance dicepool.
Yep, what Demerzel said.
Then in truth the line should be dropped.

Spellcasting dice can never be used to resist drain (at least I can find no rules for this), I can find no other 'use' of spellcasting dice then actual spell casting (or change the area of effect).

Now Spellcasting foci. Can add dice to the spell casting pool, or be withheld to reduce drain, but this is irrelevant to the above issue. Spellcasting foci can add their dice to the spellcasting pool (for extra dice and could 'offset' the lost dice for changing area) or be withheld for drain. Even with out the line from page 173 under 'drain', they couldnt be used for both. They (each indvidual die) can't be used for both. If you put them to spellcasting (and then removed them for changing area) they have been used. The spellcasting foci, makes it clear they are used for one or the other, a force three spellcasting foci does NOT give you three spellcasting dice AND three drain dice, it gives you three dice you could apply to either test potentially.

you'd be surprised how often presumably clear things need to be clarified for those who want to interpret it otherwise.

or maybe you wouldn't be surprised, in which case i can't imagine why you have a hard time understanding that they put that in just to make it absolutely clear...
QUOTE (p173 SR4 Core @ under the heading Area Spells)
The caster can reduce or expand the base radius by 1 meter for every die withheld from the Spellcasting Test

QUOTE (p191 SR4 Core @ Under the heading Spellcasting foci)
These dice may be used to cast a spell more effectively or withheld to help the magician with drain

Alone these two statements can be taken to mean that since you are withholding dice from the test you get both benefits. How nice.

Therefore the line you quoted is necessary and sufficient to prevent someone from abusing the two above lines and getting doubble the bang for their buck with Spellcasting foci.

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