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Cognitive Resonance
Alright, so we have that really nice map of Seattle from runner haven, and you'll find the PDF of it scales quite well. is it possible to blow it up and print a table top sized mat, also would WizKids put a million ¥ bounty on me if I made one of these for my gaming group?
Yes, you are aloud - in that we can hear you speaking.

I would also imagine that you'd be ALLOWED to do that, provided that you don't try to market the map.

If you're just doing it for personal use, there should be no legal problems.
QUOTE (MadDogMaddux)
we can hear you speaking.

I can't! frown.gif
Obviously Fortune, you aren't using text-recognition software to read the forums to you. One day I will program software to use a different voice for specific individuals on the forums, but until that day you, James and Emo all sound the same...

How's that for a scary thought...
Now I'm gonna have nightmares ... eek.gif
Well, the only issue I can think of is that sometimes places like FedEx/Kinkos are sometimes really really anal about reprinting commercial (aka copyrighted) stuff. As long as what you want to reprint/explode has the "WK has granted permission to copy this for personal use." disclaimer at the bottom you should be fine.

If you have the means to do it yourself, go for it.

If you're worried about it enough, you could always contact the appropriate person(s) at WK/Fanpro and ask them. They might even be able to provide you with written permission for doing it, as long as you're doing it for personal use (which you obviously are) that would get Kinkos to do it for you. Just a though. Sorry, I personally don't know who to ask.
I resemble that remark...

If you take any flak at the local FedEx-Kinko's, you have 3 options:

1) Do the print yourself in the Self-Serve area, there should be a team member to show you how.

2)Extract the map from the PDF version of the Core book (another good reason to buy both) and send it in through their online ordering system.

3)Remind the team member that you are allowed to make 1 copy of 1 page for non-commercial usage without violating fair use, and make them do it for you.
Good to know, thanks!
Sic, you just bossed a Fed/Ex kinkos employee around and made him/her your bitch biggrin.gif
I boss them around daily...I manage for FK in San Diego.
Speaking of maps ... I seem to recall something about getting some of the updated maps (and Other Stuff™) online on Is anything still happening in this department, Adam?
QUOTE (McQuillan)
3)Remind the team member that you are allowed to make 1 copy of 1 page for non-commercial usage without violating fair use, and make them do it for you.

Fair use isn't actually this simple. You might be able to fool or bamboozle the average person by saying something like this, but it's not actually true. smile.gif


[makes mental note to add that to the resources page]
Much obliged. smile.gif
Adam--You're quite right about Fair Use...the laws around copyright are filled with landmines, tripwires, pits and loopholes. The third option is one that will work at most places but is not entirely accurate. It would be fine for educational purposes and a few other limited use options, but not all non-commercial applications.

I suggested it because it seems as if the powers that be are comfortable with us printing a single copy of the map for our home game usage, presuming that we don't remove the copyright and intellectual property information.
here is the free program I use for stuff like this it works pretty good.


I use water down white school glue to wall paper the pages on to cheep press board from home depot. $6 for a 4' by 8' sheet and you can have them cut it down in the store.

Inkscape will let you convert bitmaps to vector graphics.
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