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Full Version: Little Red Riding Hood
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(Stats and Powers subject to adjustment when actual shapeshifters are published)

Little Red Riding Hood

Shapeshifter (Wolf-Human)

Body: 4
Agility: 6
Reaction: 5 (7)
Strength: 3
Charisma: 5
Intuition: 5
Logic: 3
Willpower: 5

Edge: 3
Magic: 9
Initiative: 12
Essence: 6

Grade 3

Critter Powers
Wolf Form (STR+2, BOD+1, Running Multiplier +1, Natural Weapon (Bite) (STR)P 0AP), Regeneration, Dual Natured

Moderate Allergy (Silver), Uneducated

Mystic Adept, Spirit Pact (Life Pact), Quick Healer
Gremlins 1

Adept Powers
Improved Reflexes 2, Combat Sense 2, Quick Healer 4
Magic Power 4

Masking, Sacrificing, Cannibalism

Active Skills
Close Combat Group 2, Firearms Group 3, Throwing 2 Athletics Group 4, Outdoors Group 3, Conjuring Group 3, Etiquette 3, Con (Seduction) 5 (+2), Leadership 1, Negotiation 5, Intimidation 2, Assensing 4, Astral Combat 4 Spellcasting 5, Counterspelling (Combat spells) 6 (+2) Ritual Spellcasting 2, Inflitration 3 Perception 4, Palming 4 Shadowing 3

Language Skills
Japanese 3,English 3, Italian 1

Knowledge Skills
Police Procedures (SWAT) 1 (+2), Seattle Nightclubs 3, Rome Nightclubs 2, Tokyo Nightclubs 3, Metahuman Anatomy 3, Prostitution Rings 2, Organlegging 1, Blood Cults 1

PJSS Elephant Rifle, Remington 990, Ares Viper Slivergun, Colt Manhunter, Red Hooded Cape (0/0)

Toxic Wave, Death Touch, Detect Enemies Extended, Shadow, Powerbolt, Manabolt, Manaball, Analyze Device, Mind Probe, Chaotic World, Trid Phantasm, Stealth, Levitate, Turn to Goo, Physical Barrier

Guardian (Combat)
Beast (Health)
Plant (Manipulation)
Air (Illusion)

Little Red Riding Hood is the big bad wolf in this story. When Red was just a little pup she heard the story of Little Red Riding Hood. It sparked her imagine and began a life-long interest that would lead her into the metahuman world and into the depths of depravity.

Red appears to be a human girl about 13 years of age (give or take) with long dark hair and a trademark red hooded cape that is just big enough to conceal a shotgun.
Don't let her sweet and innocent appearance fool you, she is a monster in more ways than one.

Red Riding Hood is an extreme sexual masochist and often hangs out in S&M clubs looking for her perfect dream mate, a Big Bad Wolf that is bigger and badder than she is, someone with the will and the ability to tear her limb-from limb, crush her bones, and devour her flesh. When her bedmate fail to brutalize her to her satisfaction she slaughters them with cruel efficiency and sells their remains her orgenlegger contact.
Red's quest to be eaten by the Big Bad Wolf has led her from Seattle to Rome to Tokyo and back to Seattle but she has yet to find a partner who can take her to the depths of pleasure and suffering that she desires.

Biff (L:2 C:2)
A professional organlegger as well as Red's employer and landlord. He gives her a roof over her had and plenty of spending money in exchange for a steady supply of fresh bodies and an occasional sexual favor.

Rita (L:1 C:4)
Red's cold and uncaring ex-mentor on the Path of Blood. She runs a pseudo-Satanic cult. The cult is just an excuse for a few rich and politically powerful mundane posers to butcher and eat homeless kids, but it provides her with wealth and influence.

Lucca (L:3 C:1)
An young Incubus in a hybrid elf body, Lucca delighted in seducing and debauching pure young virgins. He had the misfortune of mistaking Red for one. Unable to satisfy her Red's maschoistic sexual desires, Lucca's elf body died of heart failure during their their several-day-long lovemaking session and was forced to inhabit a nearby housecat In this time he has grown fond of her but has been starved for karma due to the extremely limited nature of sexual metahuman opportunities available to a mutated housecat.
"Bigger badder wolf"?

Wheres Wolfgang Keis when you need 'em? rotfl.gif
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