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Full Version: Spirits and Spells
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OK, so I've been told a caster cannot ask a spirit to cast a spell she does not know.

Can she ask a spirit to perform tasks relating to spells she doesn't know?

Specific example here is a Bear Shaman who knows a few Health and Illusion spells. She starts off the game with an Earth Spirit and an Air spirit bound with owed services, but also a MAN spirit. Now the Man Spirit, according to Shamanic Tradition, is for Manipulation related stuff - but she doesn't KNOW any manipulation spells.

Is that spirit useless to her, or how can she use it?
nah, it can still materialize and beat the crap out of someone, or alot of other uses that spirits of man have that aren't related to spells, or it coulod cast a spell the character does know.
well, but what would those other uses be?
The Spirit of Man's Innate Spell ability does not need to be taken from its associated Spell Type. Its Aid Study and Aid Sorcery services can only be used for those spells. They are separate restrictions entirely.

So for our example, the Bear Shaman could have her spirit of Man pick up Heal as an Innate Spell with an optional poer. And it could cast that spell as a service. It could also be bound and then provide dicepool bonuses to Manipulation spells (which isn't helpful at all).

So yeah, the Magical Services limit of "only in appropriate spell category" and the Innate Spell Optional Power limit of "Only a Spell You Know" are not both applied under any circumstances.

any of the other powers listed in the book, which I don't have infront of me, but I think includes confusion (a very nice one) and materialization (to whck the bad guys for ya.) OR any of the other powers a spirit of man can use.
Personal faves include Concealment (Penalty dice equal to the spirit's force for detecting the people it's trying to hide) and Movement.
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