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Full Version: Vampires and Ghouls and Free Spirits, oh my!
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Hey chummers. Someone throw me a quick 'n dirty chargen process for Ghouls, Vampires, and especially Free Spirits.

I figure Ghouls would be the "easiest" to implement as PCs, whereas Free Spirits would be tricky. Cant argue with the RP value, however.

Do Ghouls/Vampires get attribute bonuses when they "transform"? If so, how much, and to what attributes?

What kind of BP cost would Force be for a Free Spirit? I would imagine that the chargen process for them would be something along the lines of 1: Spirit Type, 2:Force, 3:Being Born, 4:Current (Beginning) Attribs/skills

Jack Kain
Well the sample ghouls and vampires are based off of human, (all vampires are human execpt for the rare elf vamprie)

If you assume the sample vamprie or ghoul had all average stats before becoming infected and transformed you could figure out the bonus.

If that is true then if someone becomes a ghoul they get a +4 bonus to his body
B - 7
A - 3
R - 5
S - 6

Thats a little more than +4 to Body smile.gif

Also, I wouldnt say they are based off of a human, as the movement speed section of their stat-block states "As Metatype".

...Of course, that might just be a way of clarifying that they dont have bonuses to movement rate.
QUOTE (Kruniac)
Thats a little more than +4 to Body

Average Body of 3 ... +4 = 7

Doesn't seem to be too much more than +4 to me.
QUOTE (Fortune)
QUOTE (Kruniac @ Nov 7 2006, 12:17 PM)
Thats a little more than +4 to Body

Average Body of 3 ... +4 = 7

Doesn't seem to be too much more than +4 to me.

Its also +2 to Reaction, and +3 to Strength.

Thats what I meant.
I see. Jack was merely giving an example, not trying to stat out the whole thing.
Jack Kain
yeah I wasn't trying to stat out the whole thing,
Gotcha. Actually, that system works fairly well, even though IMO Vampires should get some sort of Body or Strength bonus.

That aside, anyone have any ideas on Free Spirits?
I made a character creation system for free spirits, but it is not intended to be balanced with starting character...

Here's the link
QUOTE (Dentris)
I made a character creation system for free spirits, but it is not intended to be balanced with starting character...

Here's the link

Thanks chummer. The search function didnt return that particular post.

I appreciate your help.
QUOTE (Frank Trollman)
In Shadowrun 4, attributes are a much bigger deal than the essentially skill-based setup of SR3. As such, layering virtually any attribute bonuses over metatype bonuses is asking for trouble. Lots of trouble. As such, it only makes sense in SR4 to price "Human Ghoul" separately from "Elf Ghoul". In fact, I would suggest simply insinuating that like Troll, Dwarf, Ork and Elf Vampires lack the "Sapience" power, that non-human ghouls simply aren't playable.

The Human Ghoul has the following attributes:

B: 5/10
A: 1/6
R: 3/8
S: 4/9
C: 1/4
I: 2/7
L: 1/5
W: 3/8
Edg: 1/6
Ess: 5
M: 1/5

They get the following bonuses:
Enhanced Senses (Hearing, Smell), Natural Weapon (Claws: S/2 + 1)

They get the following penalties:
Allergy (Sunlight, Mild), Dietary Requirement (Metahuman Flesh), Reduced Senses (Blind).

And they are dual natured, which is technically a power, but used to be a 5 point flaw that people mostly avoided.

So those bonuses to stats are quite impressive. Like an Ork, but moreso. Also with bonuses to Reaction, Intuition, and Willpower. That sounds like a killer mage, but the natural maximum of 5 in Magic makes that a lot less attractive. A point of Essence is worth about 4 other stats according to cyberware, so the attributes are only slightly positive when looked at in that fashion. The powers and disadvantages are a big net penalty. The Allergy is 10 points, the Blind is 10 points (because the character is magically active), the dietary requirement is worth another 10-15 points. The dual natured is a penalty as well. The bonus senses and claws are Adept Powers costing 1.25 Power Points - so altogether are worth about 20 BP.

Verdict? The drawbacks vs. being an Ork balance on paper with the bonuses, and so should be avaiable for the price of being an Ork. Of course, Orks are under priced, so the package should be balanced against a Troll or Elf, and therefore cost about 30-40 BP.

Ghoul-Orks and Ghoul-Trolls would have to cost way more than that, because the Strength and Body modifiers would start going to crazy town. But again, I see no reason in fluff why a Ghoul Troll would be a playable character. HMHVV really screws over the minds of Trolls.


Frank, do you have a web page somewhere. You seem to have about as many house rules and comments as I do. I would like to see them in a collected site sometime.
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