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Has anyone compiled a list of knowledge skills presented, to date?

John Campbell
I compiled a list of all the Knowledge Skills referenced in the books I've got. My collection is far from complete, however, so it's unlikely to be comprehensive.

C'mon, be serious. Collecting a comprehensive list of knowledge skills for Shadowrun would be like mapping the human genome - A long, laborious process with uncertain results that takes up a hideous amount of data storage and that a very, very tiny percentage of the population is ever going to have a use for.
I have put together a list of Active Skills and Knowledge skills from many of the books, along with page references, but there may well be some obscure skill in a book somewhere that I have missed (e.g. in Target: Awakened Lands or in some adventure). The trouble with Knowledge skills is that the book says you can make any up, therefore any character created can have new ones.

The books I have used are: SR3, SOTA62, Matrix, T:Wastelands, MITS, and CC.

I am not sure whether posting that list here is against the TOS so I will refrain unless I get a nod from the moderators.
QUOTE (Stonecougar)

Methinks you misread the name. smile.gif
I think I should be offended. grinbig.gif

However, I will point out that there are some seriously anal people on this board and in this hobby. I refer you to the big ol list of contacts located on the Wig archive and the big list o skills.


Edit: To clarify, I was referring to knowledge skills presented in various source books, either from NPCs or canon references.
Whoops, my bad. It was late, I was tired. And yeah, I suppose out of the books is doable...
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