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Hocus Pocus
meh, it was alright i suppose. The main thing for me was that i could never get into the book, when reading i pictured most the guy siting in his chair typing out the book. Alot of characters used alot of old world terms and slang and references to movies and such i don't think they'd know.

it had the requisite neccesities a shadowrun novel needs, pointless violence, magic, hot babes (love the casino kiss! now THAT i could picture in my mind!). so that made it a book enough to buy i wager

man 7.99 for a novel?! i can remember when it was like 4 bucks or so...arm and a leg lemme tell ya!

thoughts on the novel?
This is the thread you are looking for. wink.gif
Hocus Pocus
ah cool beans, i looked thorugh this one forum but didn't see anything nyahnyah.gif

disregard this post
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