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Full Version: Bounties on critters.
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Well, I know about the ghouls. But how much was the bounty, and how was the usual procedure to confirm a kill conducted? Was other HMHVV variants as Dzoo's, Vampires and such also "wanted"?
I guess some standard beasties like Gabriel hounds could pay some minor bounty since, the GH at least, seem to feed on hobos or something like that.
Kanada Ten
In the Quebec section of SoNA they have a great bounty guide for "Classes" of paranormals, and how much you get paid. I can't remember what the chart said, but it should work as a general price guide. IIRC, 90% of the pelt of a critter was verified at ranger stations around the nation. A simple Bioscanner might verify species.
Coo', I'll check it out. Thanks!
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