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Full Version: What day of the week do you game?
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Hey -- this is mostly aimed at people who game in person or online in the traditional campaign/scenario method, not for those who participate daily in chat/message board games that don't have definitive sessions.
Every Tuesday I'm running an Earthdawn campaign (for five years now) and every second Sunday we play either Iron Kingdoms or Eberron (both campaign). We plan to move the IK date to every second Thursday, but the working schedule of one of the players doesn't allow it before end of January.
Monday -was d&d now moving to SR
Tuesday - day off for working late
Wednesday - SR "criminal overlords" my longest SR4 game
Thursday - Eberron d&d
Friday, Saturday, Sunday - random d&d and SR games.
Tuesday evening, online game
Thursday evening, online game
Sunday afternoon/evening, in-person game

All Shadowrun, 3rd edition.

No days gaming....PBEM or PBP only. frown.gif
It changes a lot. Right now most of our games are Friday, once every 2-3 weeks due mostly to my own busy schedual. However, we've games on Saturdays, as well as weekdays before.

Every time we start a campaign, we check everyones availabilities and decide. I think it changes a lot because all of us are students, so every session is differant, unlike full-time employed people where free time is a bit more predictable. However, we now face a new challenge, as I'm getting married and can't spend every free night hangin' out with the guys anymore (nor do I want to).
I MUSH for my SR gaming, so no days.

I'd do PBEMs or PBP, but can't find any that haven't opened yet.
Why do you want to know, BTW?
Wednesday: D&D
Friday: Shadowrun

In another campaign we try to game as often as possible, but it's hard when people's schedule keeps changing because of work.
Why do you want to know, BTW?

And more importantly, what days do you play? smile.gif

Thursday is Shadowrun day, the best day of the week!

No, it's actually exalted day, but that's okay. I'll change that soon.
Why do you want to know, BTW?

Ad-hoc Market research.

Kage: I'm a Tuesday, with occasional Saturdays.
Hmm, no option listed for "Game? I think I remember when I was able to do that."
That's hard.
My week is something like this.

Sunday: Off, the only full day i get with the wife.
Monday: Off, But my "players" are working....
Tuesday: Off, mostly wargamming as my RP players are working..
Wednesday - Saturday: Working. Nights.

Ugh. When I last had a group, Saturday.
You didn't include - NO possible chance to game, so all you do is forum-based.

Heinous schedule plus living in Japan - not a good combination.
We tend to have rotating days, as I work a rotating day off schedule, and my players work in the food service industry where their schedules tend to vary as well. In recent years as they been promoted to management positions, it has become somewhat easier-but then we have to players (3278 and Gyro) who work monday through friday, basically 9-5.

Makes for scheduling hell.
Play SR3 every other Sunday.
QUOTE (adamu)
You didn't include - NO possible chance to game, so all you do is forum-based.

Yeah -- that would sort of be like having an "I ride a bicycle!" option in a survey about your favourite brand of motor oil. Not that forum/PBEM/etc gamers aren't important, but it's just not what I'm curious about right now. smile.gif
krayola red
I'm curious, why is this information useful? Or is that a trade secret? wink.gif
Black Jack Rackham
We have a nice set schedule on Sundays we rotate through three gamemasters, Myself and two others. Because we currently have 10 players (with two occasional add ons) I've decided that too many simply slip between the cracks and don't get enough spotlight time. So, I split the group in two and I run a 7th Sea game early in the day and a Deadlands game later. The other two GM's are more comfortable (read less willing to double the amount of writing they do) with the amount of players so they run one each SR (3rd Ed) and Serenity.

Thursday nights: Hong Kong, 4th
Friday nights: Space opera, 4th
Sunday nights: Boston gangers, 4th
Other nights: admin on a (mostly) 3rd edtion SR MUD w/ occasional morting
saturday nights were my usual night to game, right now i dont have a gaming night, my life sucks
Sundays, 6-9:30ish. Just got back actually.
Friday Night:
Traditionally a D&D slot, currently running a game setting of my own design (using WoD core as a generic ruleset).

Sunday Afternoon:
For a very long time my Shadowrun game ran here. Currently playing in another person's Mage: The Awakening game instead.
Alternating D&D and SR4 on Saturday nights.
Friday for the time being. It changes to accomodate as many work schedules as we can. We avoid Saturday/Sunday though.
Whenever we get the chance, which is almost never. I'm pitching for a fixed day of the week though. Even if people wouldn't be able to come most of the time it would seriously reduce the amount of phonecalls needed.
Thursday, C&C.

Assorted day on the weekend: Another Game

SR3: Haven't been able to in a while.. bad enough that even the withdrawl symptoms have eased...
James McMurray
Fridays. Right now I'm running Babylon 5. When that winds down another GM will be running a Silhouette / Necromunda game.
emo samurai
Right now, I'm hoping of running an IM game on Sundays.

I want the usual suspects to join. James, eidolon, Kremlin, Grinder, plz?
You are gaming with SL James???

What's up with FanGirl, btw? She has been calm for a longer time now.
emo samurai
James McMurray. And I'm not gaming with anybody yet.
Ah, I see.
emo samurai
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