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Full Version: Threats 3?
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What new or dangerous threats are people still using or are exclusive to your campains and adventures?

My favorates: Da Bugs, Halberstein, Drakes, IOND, the exchange, COTD (cult of the dragon), Imps, and Alamos 2k

I think its a strong line-up but I'm currious to see how other people mix em up! More importantly how did the situations end?
I used Alamos 2k and Human Nation a little and this threat that wanted to restore the old USA, but it never came to Grande Finale 'cause the campaigns came to an end.

Our last GM had some plans with Human Nation too, but somehow we quitted the campaign (and I still don't know why, we all had a lot of fun).
You can never go wrong with the Humanis, especially when they're *right* from time to time.

Nothing horks a team off like teh Humanis LT pointing at teh Ork and going, "See?! See?! I told you all along!"

Also had two plotlines running with Vampires (Which, IIRC, are the only Threat from 1 or 2 that never got a followup!) ... The first was bog standard "Take over the city" stuff, but the other was way more fun. Lesser Vampires were being rounded up and captured, then "Milked" for their narcotic venom. (What, you thought they used those fangs as straws? Hah!) Thsi venom was then turned into teh hottest new street drug, Bliss. Bliss made you feel *wonderful* and lethargic, but was also teribly addictive.


There were many an interesting twist in that series of runs. smile.gif
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