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Full Version: What's the state of ibogaine research in SR?
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emo samurai
Ibogaine is a plant whose extract is said to cure drug addiction and withdrawal for a very wide array of drugs, from crystal meth to nicotine to alcohol. It isn't very well researched, and the people researching it have a hard time getting funding in the U.S.

What would the state of ibogaine research and distribution be in SR? My impression is that drugs are pretty much widely available at any level in the society, with drugs being used to enhance one's cocktail party efficacy. I'm sure this drug would have a market, if only for the hallucinatory shamanic visions more often than not.
I'd be very skeptical if this were marketed as a cure. Besides, so much of substance abuse and addiction is tied into lifestyle. Out of the clinic, back on the streets and so on.

As for SR, like a lot of things, it'd be available for the rich. Some run ideas come to mind....
Never mind Ibogaine, has anyone done a followup to Rat Park by SR time?

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