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Full Version: Combat Biking
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Anyone want to venture a set of rules for making melee attacks from a bike? Example situations include, but are not limited to, someone making a melee attack against someone on another bike alongside them, attacking a pedestrian, or "jousting"?

I was just watching Akira, and was just wondering how that would work.
Well, they tell you penalties when shooting from a vehicle, yes? That would apply to bikes too. SO whatever penalties are involved there would affect you attacking someone also on a bike.

That, and you'd have to get within range of them to strike, so letting off the gas or pressing hard will drive some nuts.

A critical issue will be manuevering while attacking - bad choice to swing when you should be making a sharp turn, for example.
Eryk the Red
I'd go with the "attacking from vehicle" penalty (-3 I think), and I would also say you have to make a crash test if you glitch, and the target has to make a crash test if they suffer enough damage that it would normally cause knockdown.
Maybe a Ramming test for jousting. smile.gif
Well, a penalty to the attack test is certainly in order, and a driving test on top of that.

But you would gain a severe bonus to damage.
What about allowing someone to substitute their driving skill for dodge?
Eryk the Red
I'd almost definitely use the driving skill in place of dodge for bike to bike combat. Or, if I'm feeling mean, simply cap the dice they gain from dodge with their vehicle skill.
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