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mattness pl
Hi, everybody.

In Saturday, one of my polish friends from our Shadowrun community website will try to explain other RPG gamers what Shadowrun is.

We're looking for good synonime of SPRAWL word - there's no such thing in polish, AFAIK.

Could anybody could tell me good definition of this word?

Big Fuckin' City!

Metropolis just doesn't really cover it. Cityscape is closer, but kinda sucky. You might be better off not trying to deine it with one word, and instead describing a Sprawl as a gigantic Warsaw. wink.gif
Well, IIRC in Polish translations of William Gibson's books, "The Sprawl" is translated as "Ciag" (sorry, no Polish fonts).

I think the colloquial use of the word "moloch" in Polish also comes pretty close.
Say you have a city. Seattle, for example. Around it, you have places like Puyallup, Redmond, etc.

When the buildup becomes such that a massive amount of acreage is taken over because all of those areas essentially become one "city", you have a Sprawl.

Also, however, I have seen the word "Sprawl" used simply as a synonym to "city" or "metropolitan area". It generally depends on how it's being used, and by whom.
QUOTE (mattness pl)
We're looking for good synonime of SPRAWL word - there's no such thing in polish, AFAIK.

This may be a good reference for grokking the full meaning of "sprawl".

Alternately, Athens.

The word was originally a verb. "to sprawl" means to lie down, but doing so in a careless, disorganized kind of way. If you apply that notion to the unrestricted growth of a city, it will help clarify the idea of what "a sprawl" implies.
The reason sprawl is used interchangeably with city here in america is because we don't normally have cities without urban sprawl around here.
eidolon and dog have the right of it. Basically a city/cities that grow so much that everything in between is taken up by it, and essentially all these town/cities pretty much become one. Only signs and City councilman know where one ends and another begins.

Think multiple pools of water, starting seperate, and more and more comes in until it's just one big puddle. Reminds me of home (San Jose, CA).
Wounded Ronin
The sprawl is a fundamental defense against a takedown. It involves leaping backwards with the feet while positioning the body horizontally so as to defend against a shoot-style takedown.
To me, a sprawl is a conglomeration of several urban centers. You could walk from San Francisco to Seattle without your feet ever leaving the concrete.
Nah, Redding will never get that developed.
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