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Full Version: Barrier Rules
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Ok, thinking back onto a couple of odd sessions way-back-when and then talking it over with Grendel, who else here has a problem with the Barrier rules?

It took 4 guys with a combination of blasting, hitting, shooting, and ramming to make a troll-sized (and shaped) hole in a wall. And it took them a good long time.
What was the wall made out of? They tend to be pretty resilient.
Some walls are meant to keep things out. Blasting is supposed to get you in. 4kg of C12 gives a 24D at the center of blast, which should destroy or make a hole through most exterior barriers that weren't designed to withstand explosives.

I don't yet have a problem with the barrier rules.
I work in a jail, and our walls can take a lot of crap...

so what was the wall made of? that's a pretty important factor here.
They were inside trying to get out.
Second floor, other side of wall was outside.
So I'd say concrete, and a few other materials.
Fresno Bob
Er, what were they hitting it with?
Shotgun, fist, C4, Troll.
depending on how much c4 they used, that sounds about right.
Sounds about right to me, too. The only thing that's really going to be at all effective is the explosives, and then only if you know what you're doing with them.
yep yep sounds about right to me too.
So I DID run it right. That's comforting (as a GM) to know.
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