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Full Version: noxious breath
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how does the critter power noxious breath work? Does it automatically effect the targeted character? Or does the spirit roll something to hit, thus possibly staging up the damage or giving the character a chance to dodge?
Critters generally roll reaction or quickness as though it had a 'breath weapon' (or other natural weapon) skill equal to said reaction or quickness - I.E. they're not penalized for 'defaulting'.

I do not believe noxious breath can be dodged, as it's a magical effect that ISN'T a manipulation spell. Rules for it are on 265, SR3.
It has touch range though, and creature powers have the same targeting limitations as spells thus they need to succeed in an attack to touch them (melee at -1 TN) but if the opponent counterattacks then they are hit anyway.

My train of though goes a bit like: P265 SR3 (Noxious Breath), P262 SR3 (Range), P49 MITS (Touch). You're best have the elemental materialise behind them and noxious breath them from there. You can't stage-up the damage though, just like how a mage making a touch attack for a spell effect can't stage-up the spell damage using his melee attack roll.

Is that helpful?
thanks guys. I have SR3, however my copy of the critters that comes with the SRscrean was never returned to me last time I lent it out. I wasn't sure if they printed any new guidelines in that.
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