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One of my player want a opticam in the skull instead of the eye. It is possible??
People would look at him funny for having a lense cap on his forehead I think.

By canon no, the only cyber camera I am aware of is the eye option.
sir fwank
theres always the Third(or why not more) cyber-eye option.
personally may as well put it in the eye and save essense.
wll yeah Fwank, but then that's in an eye, third eye and not actually just a camera in the skull =)
Well, we know you can have a third eye installed, we know you can install a camera in said eye. The long and the short of it being you can deduce you can install a camera anywhee you could install an eye.

All you have to figure out is how much essence it'll cost and how stupid it'll look =)

Don't forget the bio-cost for adding an eyelid.

Who sez the third cybereye has to look like an eye. Cybereyes can look like 'bout any old thing. Including a camera lens I'd wager. If he wants a optican square in the middle of his nugget, have it included with a third cybereye that looks like a lens. No eyelid needed. Why the hell would he want that anyway?
l=Lol, have some style, use a really small windshield wiper instead of an eyelid.. its not like soneone's going to think its a REAL third eye wink.gif
Depending on where he gets it installed, wiping down the lens is going to be a real bitch, never mind replacing it for scratches. grinbig.gif

I had once had a character with a third eye on the back of his cyber hand, it was retractable to boot. It was really useful, he would stick his hand up to look around corners and from behind cover, good stuff.
That's the only use I have ever seen for it.
That and potentially intimidation if you get them to look convincing.

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