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Full Version: Critter Creation Contest
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Got some new paracritters to populate the 6th World? It'd be great to see them here.

Entries may or may not include:

Accepted Taxonomy: It's Latin name, if it has one
Progenitor Species: If this is an Awakened variety of a normal critter, which one?
Location/Range: Where should we watch out for one?
Shadowtalk: Anyone else run into them? Anyone prepared to lie and say they did?
General Info: How is metahumanity reacting to them? Do they seem to be myth-based?
Your take: How or Why did you create these guys?
Magical Capabilty: Four classic examples from Patterson's Guide:
______Parabiological: Physical-adept-like sharpening of attributtes and senses
______Innate: Flying without wings, illusions, instinctive spells
______Active: A member of a full-fledged tradition, shaman/mage/adept etc.
______None: Natural strength or mundane venom without bells or whistles

Entries really should include:

Given Name: Definetly smile.gif
Description: How would we recognize it?
Size: Devil Rat or Juggernaut?
Attributtes: Normal guidelines:
______CHA: 0 if non-sentient
______INT: Intelligence Rating / Best Perception Rating
______QUI: Quickness Rating x Running Multiplier (Note if Swimming or Flying)
______ESS: Essence Rating with a Z for dual critters or an A for Astral Only
Attacks: Is it's bark worse than it's bite? How's it's 'Reach'?
Powers: Ah, the wonders of the Awakened World...
Weaknesses: There to be exploited.
Notes: Any powers altered from the norm, or fast flying/swimming ability?
Digital Heroin
Contest, eh? What's the prize? nyahnyah.gif
Let's see, after X amount of entries I'll click on the 'Add New Poll' button and enter the criiter's names. The winner gets a scanned sketch of his critter, maybe even a 'flipbook' of it in motion if I can work the process out.

Oh yeah, this was inspired by Shadow's Character Creation Contest elsewhere on the BB.
Digital Heroin
Much coolness... biggrin.gif
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