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noticing that there isn't one this year, and wondering what others might be running (I have the good fortune to GM a game on friday nights, so we'll be playing on the actual date this year) I thought I would be the one to ask: any good stories, runs/ideas, general halloween type randomness?

for reference to previous threads:
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Digital Heroin
Twisted Tales could be considered a bit of a Halloween run, though not in the spooky sense entirely... it's out there, odd, certainly eerie... or I hope it'll be...
Omer Joel
In the old, now nearly-dead brow forum, there was a similar thread. Especially an older version of Cybersushi 8's post. And something which looked like a variant of the Renraku Shutdown situation with toxics/"undead" instead of Deus, which was scrary to hell.

Btw, did Cybersushi 8 ever posted what he intended to post (see jive forum)?
I'm leaving for my weekly game shortly, but Hot wheels is currently running a VtM campaign that will probably end in a week or two, so we aren't doing a SR halloween run this year, but she said we are doing a vampire halloween adventure- think about it, you can happily mix with the kine, even Nosferatu, and all you get is "great costume man"
So who will contribute halloween runs to the Fanpro website? It definately would be a good tradition to start.
I'll contribute the one I end up running, it's going to be a witch-related run in Salem (my group is currently in boston) but I'll do a markup at the end for converting it to another location.
Y'know, one thing that bothers me about the whole idea of spending a night at Glamis Castle in order to get the reward is this: whoever's got a stake in the castle maintaining its "haunted" reputation has read Dunklezahn's will by now and will be expecting company. Cursing the wizworm for messing with their business from beyond the grave, whoever it is (the Royal Family, the Lord Protector's office, Freemasons or whatever) will take extra efforts to safeguard their stuff--maybe even vacate the premises entirely and relocate somewhere a little more discrete. Why stick around? Eventually, some treasure-seeker's gonna get lucky.

If The Big D really wanted someone to discover the truth at Glamis Castle, he wouldn't have advertised his intentions so blatantly... unless the source of the hauntings doesn't have access to newsmedia. If we're talking about a purely astral threat, then I suppose Dunklezahn's testament is a suitable forum since AFAIK spirits generally don't peruse newsgroups. Then again, given the nature of the Sixth World, who knows? smile.gif
My GM almost five years ago now (no I no longer run for him, but I have to say that it was an extremely sweet deal thing. Anyways he was a sweet guy, Draco Nova, you around hopefully you don't mind.)

His idea was pretty cool a Wild Hunt happened when we were strolling around inbetween runs. He did it extremely well I thought it was very nice and scary, which I thought was personally very cool. Because he had the challenge of making it scary through only text.
Quoting from my response to the Unusual Run Environments Thread...

There was the Halloween Special where they had a plain vanilla run, a run so completely smooth and quick the players were deeply worried. After that generic, quick run on generic city streets someplace in Asia, they crashed on a Pacific Island on the way home. The Pacific Island, with long-abandoned USAF airbase, was the site of a battle against "zombies" (flesh form insect spirits, the natives). Rather unusual setting - none of the usual mega-firepower gear was available, so they had to make do with M16s and leftover jet fuel.

Then there was the Halloween Special set in the Metaplane that was a cross between Beteljeuse (sp), a Nightmare Before Christmas, and Monkeybone. I'm rather proud of that one, very unusual setting. The runners had to chase down a kid that had run off into the plane.
have the runners go up against a roc that's been invested with a high-force tick spirit. name of the run would be "tick or tweet".

ha, i kill me.
I remember an old post on the Brown boards entitled 'Scaring Players' or something like that. it had some great ideas sadly I cant find it at the moment. perhaps you guys will have more success.
is there any canon information about what happens on Halloween in the 6th World? Since magic events are directly linked to human emotion and imagination, there has to be happening something huge, at least in the UCAS and other nations with American ancestors.

The Enemy aka Horrors are always fun for a spooky adventure, esp. since their game stats in Shadowrun have never been defined...just grab some old Call of Cthulhu books and have fun...

The best published Halloween adventure to me is, of course, Missing Blood, the Universal Brotherhood adventure. Hard to run it these days with all the mystery and fun involved since everyone knows about insect spirits now...

The Abstruse One
one more question that came to my mind as I designed the Halloween run for my group:
What is a good place for a Wicca sect to summon a free spirit (a burning corpse with a pumpkin head of course) on Halloween eve around Seattle? By "good place" I mean a place that has some mythical meaning connected to such religions.
Also, what other complications might be involved with this sect in a run that includes extracting a mafia son from the sect?

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