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Full Version: SIN Theft
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Actually 2 parts to this post.

1. What information becomes part of the SIN?

2. What lengths would a decker need to go through to successfully assume the identity using another victom's SIN?
1. Depends on who you are and where you are. Most of the time, the SIN file contains your biographic data (name, age, place of birth, last known residence). Many other databases will use the SIN as their index for your data (such things as criminal records, permits, credit history) much like today.

2. Depends on what the decker wants to do with it. For most people, the SIN is no more secure in the future than the SSN is now. If you need an actual credstick to work with it, you'll have to hack the blighter to get it to do what you want. Check out SSG for more info.
I'd highly recommend the SSG. Goes into really good detail on all these thigns.

Thanks, I will put the SSG on my wishlist then.
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