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Full Version: best published adventures?
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i have run the few adventures i own on a few occasions just to mix things up, or when i didnt have the time to construct my own, and now i find myself out of adventures to run.
So i have to put in an order over at stiggybaby, but i need to know which adventures you all reccomend first. (looking at picking up like 3)

FYI my group has already run mercurial, ivy 'n chrome, divided assets, brain scan, dragons of the sixth world, first run.

the only prerequisite is that they can be updated to a more or less canon 2063 universe. I.E. no harlequin or H is back, no queen euphoria, etc. (i understand anyway that these books introduce things that are prolly already in our 2063 game)

please offer any suggestions, along with why they make good runs, and maybe any runs that are absolutely no good. i am anxious to hear what yall have to say.

Yeah. Best D&D Dungeon Crawl ever for Shadowrun... wink.gif

I like Dreamchipper -- a bunch of legwork, some interesting personalities, a good firefight or two, a nice mix of required characters -- a little something for everyone.
funny thing is dna/doa is top of my list right now, glad to see someone gave it a rave review. A friend of mine has it and a borrowed it to use next week but as i read through it i saw that the players johnson doesnt make the planned meet, which happened in our last run so i dont want to do it back to back, i think ill run it some other time though. What kind of opposition is in that lab? superior? uber hard? easy?

i had thought about dreamchipper, but i thought i heard that it introduces one of the types of BTls, am i wrong, or is it inconsequential to the story?
Dreamchipper is an excellent scenario, with--as Adam noted--a good mix of all the elements necessary for a fun adventure. My only advice would be to take a good look at the opposition: for my PCs, it was much too weak and I had to upgrade with some added threats about halfway through in order to keep things interesting. For the record, they were practically starting characters at the time with 15-20 Karma under their belts.

The story does introduce personafix chips, but that's not really a major problem. If you're worried about the new technology causing problems in your metaplot, just have the chips break down eventually; say they have a half-life of 7-10 days. That way, they're in the person long enough to cause serious (and adventure-worthy) problems, but not long enough to fundamentally alter the campaign setting.
Ancient History
Ivy and Chrome could definately make the jump to 3rd edition with a little work, and I think Dark Angel would make a challenging adventure in 3rd.
You could probably run things from Missions or Predator and Prey with little trouble; they're SR2 adventures that, if they do anything with the metaplot, it's fairly negligably and not very noticeable at all. They'd also provide something a little different than your regular 'runs.
Hot Wheels
"Queen Euphoria" makes a good run and only brings in bug spirits, but prior to that it's a good corper run with an extraqction. Lots of color and if you don't like bugs, then the bad guy could be a toxic, a gang boss or even just a twisted fanboy.

DNA/DOA- yep it's a D&D run with hand guns. It was written when the game was young and innocent and for some reason it doesn't hold up as well as "Mercurial" or "Dream Chipper"
My pc's liked Eye witness, Missing Blood, Queen Euphoria...

To the Klondike commercial music..

"What would you do for some Amber Gel"

Nova & Sunday_Gamer, pleased to not be clicking on the following (admittedly highly tempting) tag:
[ Spoiler ]
My PCs still look for Ambergel each time they stop by a Stuffer Shack, even though they KNOW it's been off the market for years.

Queen Euphoria = finest adventure around. Well, next to UB, of course.
My personal faves would be Imago - just change the tech level in it - and Double Exposure.

My idea for Double Exposure is that it's not a bug hive connected to the Universal Brotherhood, but is some blood magic group doing sacrifices for Horrible Things Man Was Not Meant to Know, and rather than being backed by Renraku, it's backed by Aztechnology.

Or if you really wanna screw with heads, make it backed by Universal Omnitech, now that they have that deal with Aztechnology.
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