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i need a good website or wesites that can ether help me build maps or provide good maps of buildings, city layout, and other places that are mapped...tried using my search-fu but i was too weak. thanks a lot.
there's alot of good stuff at the german site. try this LINK smile.gif

Also google "floor plans" for a plethora of medium size .jpgs of mostly liberaries It helps if you use google image search, (just tested it and came up with Victoria pallace first thing. COOL)
Work on your search fu some more little one, practice will strengthen ye in the long run. wink.gif
Well, if overhead maps will do you, then you might try looking up places on Google Earth or even Mapquest. biggrin.gif
hey, this might be useful.

translation link-babelfish

it can translate whole web pages so it's reall useful on stuff like that mapsite above

just FYI
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