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Fire and Chaos
I'm planning a one shot zombie game for Halloween. Does anyone have any rules, canon or otherwise for zombies in shadowrun, not shedim.
they have rules for gouls (spelling), dont remember where

also they have zombies, but they are like spirit/elementals for voodoo houngans
Also check out the Shedim spirits/zombies in Year of the Comet and Threats 2.
heck don't do that. Take a normal stats. But if they even try to look at it on the astral say that it looks out of focus. Don't let them turn it into something already in the books. Takes the suprise element out of it. And thats half the fun of being scared. The suprise.

Just my 2 nuyen.gif
Corps cadavres (from the Critters book) would work nicely, I think.
Large Mike

Ghouls are in SRComp.
Shedim are in Threats 2.
Zombies are in MitS.
Corpse Cadavers are in Critters.

I think that covers it.
and if you're bringing the Shedim in, might as well add a master shedim (from Year of the Comet) to make it extra scary.

The backstory on Master Shedim in that book is possibly the nastiest thing ever written for this game, too. smile.gif
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