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Full Version: Lack of players
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Several people have lamented the fact that they don't have enough/any players around where they are. You may want to look into what I am doing.

I have used and still do, play with players in multiple cities, at the same time. As the main play group, I have a web cam for when images are needed. Everyone in other cities are using something like Skype or Teamspeak.

The only issues that have come up is when someone loses their connection, or problems with emails when setting up the next game time.

Who knows, there may be enough people around DS who are looking for more players or a group to join, to have several new groups start.
Oh mighty one with so much experience in gaming via conference call! Have ye any advice or tidbits of divine wisdom that you might share with those of us about to embark on such an endeavor?
Hmm, not really

It's mostly making sure everyone has the same software, proper settings, etc...
I would make sure the set up works before the official game time.

We normally have one guy in another city, so we use webcams and microphones so that each group can see and hear each other.
We have managed to play DnD, Battletech and Shadowrun using this methode. Shadowrun is the easiest, as most times you don't need precise placement of figurines, if you even use any.

Teamspeak, if someone pays the mininal amount, is clear and dedicated. If not, anyone may listen in, which can be annoying. Can't remember if you can conference call with Skype or not.
For the video, we normally used the Windows stuff, as it is free.

I am not the techie guy who set it up, a couple of my players set it up, just brushed me aside at my own computer, fiddled with it for about 10 minutes, and everything was set up.
Tiger Eyes
We do this also, since our GM moved to another city and doesn't generally want to make the 5 hour drive back just to humor us. We use a telephone/tv connection, since one of our players has a deaf sister, and they talk by TV (sign language). We just had to add on the speaker-phone part. It works pretty well although the voice connection isn't the greatest (hmmm... probably because it was designed for the deaf...).

It's especially nice because we can all lounge around in the livingroom watching our GM on TV. And we also have a mute button, which is great for plotting 'behind' his back... wink.gif

We do frequently have emails that we're not supposed to open until during game time, with links to articles or maps. Since we base a lot of our games on real-life places, or things, it is pretty fun to have a Data Search roll and then get to open up the info we've uncovered.
I like the sound of this, one of my players is moving to Sweden for a few years and we have been discussing the pros and cons. do we get the webcams etc or just fly to sweeden for the weekend.
If you can afford to fly to Sweden I heard it is wonderful this time of the year.
If it's anything like here in Finland - gray, rainy and dark - don't bother to come. IF there would be snow, then it would be very beautiful and totally another matter (you should worry about coming).

Hooray for global warming! cool.gif

(Sorry, off the topic, but had to warn you all before you rush to buy sub-orbital plane tickets and discover later that "Sorry, our winter is late, have some swedish meatballs!" nyahnyah.gif )

That's a really good idea. I would probably be willing to GM games over VoIP. Or at least try it.

Btw, wouldn't this make it very easy to record sessions?

Fresno Bob
For group members what I have done is got a bunch of my close friends (all of us married) and we have a joint guys night out (RPGing) / girls night out (our wives watch movies, or play board games, or whatever). This allows both me and my wife to enjoy the night and I get to RPG.
I know of a bunch of blind guys who play D&D via voip (I'm blind, and there was a reference on one's site for specialist computer games). Sadly I haven't been able to listen in, something they encourage I gather, because being here in the UK it would be at 3am. I'd also much prefer SR to D&D any day, I like my tech.
There's a free java program called "Vassal" that I used to use for playing DnD miniatures online. I'm fairly sure you could adapt that as a quick solution if video conference is out of reach.
Heh its funny I just found this string after I posted that i had an open spot in my TS+Tabletop game. I moved from Redmond, WA to Media PA this September and have been using Team Speak and TableTop for the games.

It works well except the GM is required to have much more planned out for the flow of the game. I have found my self narrating alot more of the scenes rather then leaving it up to the players imagination. As the GM you will need to be able to multi-task.

Recently there has been discussion about adding Yahoo Video to the whole thing.

Heres a list of pros and cons.

- You have maps, with little effort at your disposal.
- You dont have to smell that one guy in your group because your in the comfort of your own home.
- You can Multitask while others are doing things with the GM
- It leaves open the opportunity for PM's to fly between GM to player or player to player
- As the GM it makes it easier to reference the rules through the FAQ errata or search the pdf
- One thing I really like about running the Game online is that every character has a storyline. It has allowed me through PM to tell them the results of their legwork privately and let the players do things during downtime.

- Time, without doubt it does take longer to get anything done
- The GM has even more reposibilities
- Players dont always share info
- I dunno about everyone else but RP in person was a real social event with food and drink (mostly beer) so as GM unlike in person I am not able to get to wasted.

On a side note I am still looking for one more player

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