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Full Version: Safehouse/stronghold building
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So I have some players that want to invest in a safehouse. I originally thought that I would just have them pitch in and buy a permanent lifestyle and let them go nuts building the thing, but all within reason.

However, I was looking at the purchasing lifestyles section of the Core book and it said that safehouses should be purchased seperately.

So this makes me wonder....are there rules for buying safehouses? Are these written out somewhere? Or has someone here (most likely) already cooked up a decent system for doing so?

I'm sure someone here has hit on something like this what would you guys do?
Before someone skins me...I'd like to apologize for posting this thing so many times....I was having some seriously strange network problems, and it kept giving me an error page saying it didn't post...

And when it see what happened..

I apologize to the poor moderators for making a mess to clean up...

I'm aparantely not housebroken yet...
I had always assumed that the idea of a safehouse was that it was a 2nd (or 5th, or 74th) lifestyle bought solely for those times where you need to be somewhere else out of sight... and possibly someone else as well.

The assumption is that runners are not inherently close-knit. Sure, they might trust you enough to put their lives in your hands, but as far as trusting you with anything important, like their REAL first name... sometimes you need to be safe from your teammates.
Crusher Bob
previous thread about safehouses.
Lord Ben
The rules are good for an apartment that you stock with food to hide in when Aztech gets your address, but that's just for a hide hole I think.

If your group wants to buff up a location to be a "base" it's best to just houserule it because any rule system where you apply numbers will subtract from the coolness I think.

After a particularly awesome run when we all got approx 120,000 in our 5 man group the 5 of us each pitched in 100,000 to renovate a building in the barrons we'd inherited 2nd hand. We made it into a nice little runners paradise with a gentlemans club, bar, each our own apartment, mage stuff, etc.

First we made sure it'd get limited scene immunity though.
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