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Full Version: 8-Bit powers and metamagics
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Adept powers

Death Tune- .25PP
When an adept with the Death Tune power takes deadly physical or stun damage a short 8-bit midi tune plays for no apparent reason.

Two Dimensions- 2PP
An adept with the Two Dimensions power cannot be attacked from the sides. A maximum of two characters can engage in melee against him at any give time, one in the front and one in the back. Turning 180 degrees is a free action for a character with this power, but turning less than 180 degrees is impossible while the power is active.

Precise leap -.5PP
An adept with the Precise Leap power may change his horizontal velocity mid-jump as a free action.

Shared Pool - 1PP
The Shared Pool power allows an adept to use an expendable throwing weapon without losing that weapon, instead losing a set number of a bizzare yet otherwise useless item such as crystals, hearts, or Japanese letters.

Stomp - .5PP
An Adept with the Stomp power may leap onto an enemy's head, causing (Body +2)M damage. A stomp attack has a reach of -1.

Growth - 1PP
An adept with the Growth Power may double his size at will, although it is commonly geased to the ingestion of a mushroom.

2-D Piercing Attack- 1.5PP
Prerequisites: Two Dimensions
An adept with 2D Piercing Attack may strike multiple enemies with a melee weapon that has positive reach so long as they are lined up in row. 2D piercing attacks may not strike an enemy that is farther away from the target in meters than the weapon is long in reach.


Out of Candles
Prerequisites:(the ability to bond a weapon focus)
A character with the Out of Candles metamagic and a bound weapon focus may generate a random expendable item by destroying a lit candle or burning lantern with the weapon focus. Possible items include ammo, food, water, grenades, ritual materials, money, enchanting materials, and anything else the GM may think of.

Weapon Upgrade
Prerequisites: Attuning, Out of Candles
Occasionally, the Out of Candles metamagic may generate upgrade materials which can be used by any adept with the Weapon Upgrade metamagic to improve an attuned weapon focus. Weapon Upgrade may add 1 to the DL of the weapon or 1 to the reach of the weapon. A weapon may only have 1 upgrade of each type at any time. These upgrades vanish if the weapon focus is deactivated or the apept takes deadly damage.

Prerequisites: Death Tune (adept power)
If an Adept with the Pitfall metamagic takes deadly damage from falling his Death Tune will play but he will appear at the top of the structure he fell from apparently unharmed. Pitfall may only be used three times in any session.

Ahh! Spikes!
Prerequisites: Pitfall
If an adept with this metamagic takes deadly damage from giant impaling spikes or spike-like environmental hazards he instantly disintegrates and is treated as if he had taken deadly fallen damage for the purposes of the Pitfall metamagic.
Ahh! Spikes! is an awesome name.

Someone's playing too much Castlevania and SMB lately.

Although the Stomp power actually has a very possible existence when combined with something like Wall Running....

You did forget:

Inner Fire.

The Adept may create small balls of fire at will, which can be thrown the same round as a simple action. The balls of fire do (Cha+1) fire damage. Many adepts geas this power to include "Under the effects of an herb."

Hammertime- 3PP
The adept may swing a blunt weapon up and down in front of him or her. While stationary, anyone approaching the adept from that direction will suffer an unresisted melee attack. If the adept is moving forwards, there is a 50% chance this will miss. This power lasts for Magic+1d6 rounds.

Upon expiration, the adept suffers a +1 TN penalty for the next hour to represent sore arms.

Wounded Ronin
8 bit Ninja Gaiden was so much better than Xbox Ninja Gaiden, and this thread just reminded me of that.

8 bit Ninja Gaiden had stylish action, great cinema cutscenes, and a nice difficulty curve where in the beginning it was pretty easy but towards the end it got incredibly hard.

Xbox Ninja Gaiden was a damn Devil May Cry clone.
Wounded Ronin

In any case, that's my contribution of 8 bit powers. The link has ninja gaiden wall clinging!
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