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Full Version: SR4 Logo
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Does anyone have a high resolution jpeg of the SR logo, preferably the one with the celtic knot in the bottom part of the S?

Thanks Frank.

Will find out tomorrow if it is high enough rez. Not sure, as they blur a bit when enlarged.

As an X-mas gift to my fellow players, I want to have the emblem engraved on a mug, along with their street names.

Save me from drinking by mistake, from any of their glasses again. eek.gif
Lord Ben
This is the best one I could find.
shakes his head

how do you find stuff like that.
All my searches turned up junk

Hmm, wonder if I have "Data Search Incompetence"
Lord Ben
I went to google image search and searched for shadowrun logo... smile.gif It was on the 2nd or 3rd page.
Takes down notes.
Thinks of a safe place to put the note.
Thinks better of that idea, can never find anything when it is placed in a safe place.

Thanks, appreciate the help
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