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Lord Ben
Not sure if it's been done before but I'm slightly bored tonight. Goal is to set up a run or the outline of a run using these ingredients.

So DS, here are your ingredients:
A broken commlink
A tree
Buzz Blitz Cola
The Humaniclub.

Allez Cuisine!
Runners are sent a mysterious message, saying to check out a tree with a specific GPS location, which is in Touristville. When the runners reach the tree and search around, they find a commlink (Broken) inside a small crevice that was slightly filled over with fresh dirt.
After repairing the commlink sufficiently (TN3), they are about to pull off a file that containeds a message and a code. The message tells them about how Buzz Blitz Cola is the target of a Pro-Meta terrorist group, which is planning on poisoning a new drink about to hit the market which is targeting humans as its main consumers. The runners are asked to prevent this from happening by breaking in at the provided time and stopping the terrorist plans by pouring in an anti-toxin into the mixing vats.

The code is to a lockbox at the local train station, which contains a cert credstick with X credits, a note saying there will be more if the task is performed and a box which contains vials of blue liquid. The runners can sample the vials and it is true anti-toxin as in the note. The run is a smooth one, with the runners easily performing the task and getting away with no hitches... except for one. They 'missed' a bunch of hidden cameras that were aimed at the vat, capturing the runners as they pured in the vials. The recordings the hardlined cameras recorded were then sent around the matrix as proof that meta-humanity were corrupt and trying to poison the pure humans of the earth.
When the runners try to find out who sent out the recordings and do damage control, they find they were hired by a Humani Club leutenant who needed some new scapegoats to point at for news airtime.
Lord Ben
20 possible points. 10 possible for Taste (if it would be fun to play), 5 for plating (how well put together the concept is), and 5 for originality (how you used the special ingredients).
Johnson meets the runners in a botanic garden. The botanic garden is under a dome, which protects the plants from the acid rain while letting in natural light; no AR here, the garden was paid for by the salish, to showcase the natural beauty of the wilderness. There are paths and benches. Johnson is sitting on one of those benches, beneath a tree. Somehow, a too-ripe berry from that tree has fallen onto his expensive silken Actioneer Business Suit, and he seems much distressed about it.

He says that one of his henchmen has fallen ill of a group of metahumans in pullayup. he was investigating their business: the metahumans (orks and trolls, but sshhhh: the runners must find that out by themselves) have a small company (yes, legal and all) whose main activity is beverage delivery: they have a big contract with Buzz Blight Cola to service bars all around the Z neighbourhoods, where regular companies don't go. The thing is, the man was investigating the possibility that those metas used their company as cover for smuggling things like drugs and poisons and all. He disappeared, but had valuable info stored on his implanted commlink. They must find the body, retreive the data (the commlink will be broken: a bullet in the guy's head has damaged it badly), and bring it back.

The Johnson is Humanis (which explains why he wants to bring the metas down), and the metas are in league with the Sons of Sauron (which adds fun since non-ork/troll runners will have to step carefully).
Set Up

An ork lawyer and activist is found dead, apparently after having commited suicide by jumping from the 30th floor of his appartment tower. The police swiftly condlude that there is no fould play and close the investigation.

The Employer

The Widow of the lawyer isn't satisfied. She is a low power mage whose specialty is assenssing. The scene left an aura of terror that lingered for a while. Her husband was being secretive and leading an investigation. He wouldn't confide but with the astral background on the scene it convinces her that there was foul play ; someone tossed him over the balcony.

She calls a PI her husband sometime used and he puts her in contact with the fixer of one of the PC. She offers the team 25k to find the truth and 25 more to gather enough evidence for convictions. Her husband would have wanted it this way.

All they have to go on of value is the broken commlink the lawyer had on him when he hit the ground. The Widow also swears that her husband had back up files of everything he worked on in the past 20 years but they are nowhere to be found.

The facts

From the broken commlink the runners can recover a handful of files, all pertaining either to the Seattle Humanis Policlub or to a cold case about a metahuman disappearance, some going back as far as 30 years.

By accessing the police investigation and doing some legwork, the runner may discover that the Buzz Blitz Cola company (a small Aztlan subsidiary) has used contact and money to bury the case as deep as they could and make sure the investigation would be closed ASAP. Curious.

Digging deeper

Leaning on the humanis policlub will yield that the lawyer was on their hit list and the he was hated for trying to tie several old case to some of the founding member of this chapter. The info won't come willingly, of course!

Pressing on the Cola company or simply digging in the right database will allow the runner to uncover that the lawyer had filed motions to stop the excavation work for their latest, top of the line, factory. The site is an abandoned field on the outskirt of Tacoma.

Clever runner could also uncover the fact that some executive from the cola company have had contacts with the Policlub.

The Twist

The Humanis policlub and the Cola company are not involved in the death of the lawyer. Not the way you would think anyway.

Sooner or later the runner will go to the field to examine what the fuss is about.
In the middle of the abandoned field, filled with shrub and various growth stands a tree. Frail and sickly looking, it nonetheless survive.

This was the site of old fashioned hanging of orks by a few the old fashioned, KKK influenced boys who founded the Humanis Chapter all those years ago. And then the body were buried in the field. Today the Humanis old geezer are worried that the body could be dug up and create trouble for them.

They shouldn't fear ; the Cola executive wants nothing to do with an investigation! Police forensic anthropologist going through the field looking for bodies could set them back months on their schedule! As soon as the Humanis geezers tentatively contacted them, they decided to bury the case. That's why they made sure the investigation conclude swiftly and they are the ones who stole the backup files of the lawyer. They are damn glad he jumped because it saved them the trouble of sending assassins ; his investigation was about to mess things up.

And now they are ready to discreetly dig up the body at night and get rid of them.
Most likely, the PC are there if they are going to go the "evidence route" they have to do something.

But there is a hitch.

The real killer of the lawyer is here ; he's in the tree. Over the years, the hateful murders of the ork on the site created a wraith, a monstrous free spirit with a thirst for ork blood. He has roamed free for years in Seattle, his victims getting lost in the statistics. But his essence is tied to the tree and its destruction will mean his death.

He's the one responsible for the apparent suicide. And now, feeling threatened he's about to go on a rampage.

How will this end? Dunno. Probably messy but the PCs might surprise us.
OK here's another spin off it:
The runners are called up for a rush job by their regular fixer. There's a J, that needs a job done, and he needs it done yesterday. The group only has 48 hours to recover a comlink intact or at the very least a very specific encrypted file from the comlink.

The J is actually from the Buzz Blitz Cola company. One of their trucks has gone missing on the way to drop off supplies for a manufacturing plant located in the outskirts of Seattle. The problem with this isnt so much the fact that the items in the truck went missing, but rather what the truck driver was carrying. He was infact carrying a new prototype recipie for Buzz Blitz Cola Extreme!. This was on an encrypted file burried in his comlink. The comlink itself had a tracking beacon but it has just recently stoped responding.

Normally this wouldnt be an issue, and the company would just send it's own security people to relocate the truck. Infact.. they have relocated the truck. It had hit hit a large tree that had been toppled in its path across the road. The truck was a writeoff, but the trucks contents were left untouched.

The real problem is that the driver (A Mr. Yanis Renfield), and more importantly the comlink he was carrying has gone missing. The runners are given the location of the crash scene and given full co-operation from the company security force involved in the investigation. The real reason the corp security isnt doing the majority of the investigation is becuase it would draw undue attention to the companies usual method of transporting certain important bits of information (Though the runners may not actually be given any reason, this is simply why it's being done this way)

Once at the crash site the runners with a little bit of poking around can easily tell that the tree did not fall over naturally, but was infact, deliberately toppled in the way of the truck. Conversing with the security team they'll find out that several witnesses saw the ork driver being dragged out and beaten by a group of armed men and promptly shoved in the back of a purple van that quickly pulled up, then took off. The van's plates are apparently fake as there is no known registry for the plates themselves.

Notably however right before this a driver behind the truck had gotten out to see if the company driver was allright being the good person he is. A basic statement was taken from him and he was free to leave. Should the runners try to find this person at his home address, they will instead find that the house has been sealed off by lonestar, some one broke into the house just recently, severely beat the man in question and he's now recovering in hospital. If the players are careful and play their cards right they can go talk to the man in question.

Assuming the players follow up this lead they'll find the witness very agitated when the subject of the crash is brought up. He will infact intitally totally deny ever being there. However with the proper ammount of coersion he'll spill the beans that when he went to help out the ork driver, he was suddenly shoved asside by the armed asssailants, the poor ork was beaten and he'd overheard them mention the name of a clubhouse they were going to haul the ork off to. At the time they left him alone, however, shortly after he got home, the same thugs, kicked in the door to his house, beat him severely and thereatened to kill him if he ever said anything at all about what had happened.

At this point the players will only have the name of the club to go on. After some serious legwork they should eventually be able to discover that the clubhouse is infact a Humaniclub hangout. If the players have the right connections they may even find out that the driver was specifically targeted by the clubhouse members after it was discovered that he was infact a mid level member of the Skraacha gang that goes by the street name "Tharon'hez". Due to his constant interference with Humanis he was singled out to be 'made and example of'. And is infact slated to be killed following a 'trial' set for tomorrow afternoon. They should of course also be able to find the location of the clubhouse which is situated in Renton.

Renton is, really the seat of Humanis in Seattle, so getting him out might not be so easy. The players may be able to find some potential aid in the the form of the Skraacha gang as well as other similar pro-meta militant groups.

The hangout itself is a two story affair, and due to the upcomming 'trial' tomorrow has added security. This comes in the form of twelve 'guards'. Each equipped with SMGs and an armored vest. They have to guards that patrol the outer perimeter once an hour, four who patrol the main floor in pairs, a fifth patroling the basement (Where Tharon'hez is being held captive) and the rest are located on the second floor along with the security team leader whos is armed with an AK-97. The leader is a proffensional raiting of 4 and the security team is raiting 2.

The buildings exterior walls are barrier raiting 12. The interior walls, all the doors and windows are barrier raiting 8. The compound is also monitored by a security rigger via cameras and he is located on the second floor (And is counted as part of the 2nd floor security team). The building uses a raiting 5 swipe card magloc access system.

The ork they will find badly hurt, beaten, tortured and naked in a cold damp and dark cell in the basement. All his clothes are kept in a nearby storage room. The rest of his stuff, along with the broken comlink are currently in the security office on the second floor. If the runners recover it (And they should thats what theri being paid to recover afterall) they will find it relatively easily, however it is currently broken. The comlink itself is a loss but the data can still be recovered with a Hardware 5/1 hr extended test.

Once the data is recovered and turned over to the J. The runners will be paid and each will be given a bonus of a coupon good for 100 nuyen.gif worth of Buzz Blitz Cola company products.

The product itself will never however hit the market under the Buzz Blitz Cola company name, but instead one of it's competitors should it be retrieved.
Zen Shooter01
There has been a war in the streets. Ork and troll militants have been attacking human-owned businesses, beating and killing human men, and raping human women, some shockingly young. Retaliatory violence has claimed the lives of innocent metahumans.

A contact of the PCs is found dead. He was one of the Humanis Policlub members who had been manning the defenses against the metahuman terrorists, but the militants caught up with him.

His commlink was broken in the attack, so finding any information on it is difficult. But there is a file titled "In The Event Of My Death", expressing his wishes to be cremated, and have his ashes scattered under the tree in his parents back yard in a Humanis ceremony.

Tracking the parents down might provide a small challenge, but the difficulty is that his parents are executives for Buzz Blitz Cola. Convincing them to allow the ceremony for their wayward son, then conducting an unauthorized Humanis funeral in a AA neighborhood without risking the parents' careers, is the real challenge of the adventure.
Set Up

The group has just finished a datasteal run, and are on their way to the drop point but as is the case the johnson doublecrosses them during the drop and the hackers comm is hit, rendering it useless.

The Employer

the Johnson of the last run was a trog a well to do urban brawler that was needing the cheduling and strategy information of his upcoming seasons opponents in order to stay on top. and continue his lucrative station as the buzz blitz cola spoketrog.

The facts

the trog is a shaman, who is saving up alot of money in order to pay a magical group to remove the spirit of his sister from a tree in Discovery Park.

The Twist

the Trog is honest and upfront, still remotely sending the cred he owes the runners, even though he didn't get his paydata. so it doens't make sense that he'd double cross them, it turns out the humanis are trying to make him a "lesson" to other trog not to get too political, or be to popular.
A broken commlink
A tree
Buzz Blitz Cola
The Humaniclub

The runner's normal fixer calls with a hot job tip. The J is an ork woman who's husband was kill in an auto accident a few days earlier. She suspects foul play, but all she has to go on is his broken commlink and some odd behavior he was displaying. The dead ork was a shipping manager at a minor medical supply corp.

When the runner's tech manages to recover data from the commlink, he find some copied shipping logs for supplies sent to Buzz Blitz Cola. Some of the shipped supplies are marked. They are for chemicals normally used for bioengineering. And the shipper also included some personal notes that he got some "bad vibes" from the humans that picked up the shipments. But the data in the commlink is too damaged to provide more information.

A physical or hacking raid on the medical supplier provides more information. not only has a large amount of biotech equipment been shipped to Buzz Blitz, but also some equipment normally only used in fertility clinics.

The runners should be able to uncover more information at a Buzz Blitz facility. If checked for, the facility's personnel files so no orks meta humans employed at the small facility. The main information is that Buzz Blitz has engineered a new fast growing tree that provides caffeine and flavoring for some if it's main products. The trees are already set and growing in a large orchard located <wherever the GM wants>. having such a source for it's main product lines will dramitacally increase Buzz Blitz's profit margin. If a fight brakes out at the facility and the defeated guards are searched, some of them will have Humaniclub tatoos.

The next stop for the runners is the orchard and the small production facility. It has a lot higher security than they would expect. The production trees are not able to reproduce, so there is little threat of theft to reproduce them (only certain special trees have seeds).

After/during/before the enevitable firefight breaks out with the security personnel the runners find out the real secret. Buzz Blitz did start this project, but it was hijacked by company insiders belonging to the Humanisclub. They modified the trees to produce trace amounts of chemicals that inhibit reproduction in orks and trolls. With enough exposure over months it will render the drinkers permanently sterile. If the Humanisclub could pull this off, they could "fix" the trog problem in a little 40 years. There would still be the odd trog birth from humans and a few goblinizations, but to them it would reduce the population to a manageable level.

It is up to the GM about how much evidence that the runner uncover and how far up it goes. Buzz Blitz could be blackmailed to keep the info quiet, or they could respond favorable if the runners did not do too much damage to non-Humanisclub employees and resources.

Lord Ben
Sorry, got the flu and slept for a couple days...

Konsaki gets the win! Mostly because the run is the type I would probably use and suits me best. But that's okay because sometimes the judges taste does influence the results.

Tbatu in 2nd place for original use of the tree, it was unique.

Ben with the favorite individual dish though. I liked the tree in the botanical garden. Makes the scene come alive including a minor detail like that.

I have to admit, there are a lot of people out there way more creative than me.

Well done everyone cool.gif

Perhaps you can do that again, with other parameters, of course.
I guess since I won, I'll throw down the next round parameters and judge it as my prize. cool.gif

A daughter
The Ancients (Gang)
Ares Microtech
10m of fiber optic cable

Have at it folks.
Lord Ben
Make it a new thread!
Ok. frown.gif
Lord Ben
I just think it'd work better. I'm writing my story.
Lord Ben
And what's Ares Microtech? I assume it's some division of Ares.
It's the full name for the Ares company. Ares Microtechnology, or just Ares Microtech for medium.
No, the full name is Ares Macrotechnology.

Just one letter, but it inverts the meaning!
Crap, missed it by a letter... Thanks Charon.
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