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Full Version: Name the environmental terrorist group...
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Wyrm Fanboy
My copy of Loose Alliances is in storage, but what eco-terrorist group best fits this nut-bar?

The next most human way to reduce the population might be to put something in the water, a virus that would be specific to the human reproductive system and would make a substantial proportion of the population infertile. Perhaps a virus that would knock out the genes that produce certain hormones necessary for conception.

Read the entire thing.

I am always ammused when we make one more step into the dark, dark night of Shadowrun.
What's the matter with that?

While Iīm not amused at the scientific quality of some of the statements, Terra! First! should fit the bill from the name alone.
Well, if we could make it race-specific, Alamos 20000 and/or MoM (among others) would sure be interested.
We could certainly solve the overpopulation problem, but they woulden't like the way to do it... Not to mention that setting off nukes everywhere tends to blast the hell out of the very resources they're complaining we don't have enough of.
So skip the nukes and use bio and chemical weapons instead. They have the advantage of being cleaner in terms of well... radiation. wink.gif
Viruses are out because they canīt be limited to selected parts of the population.

Bioagents make dangerous pets, so they are out on principle.

The most realistic process would indeed involve hormonal treatment - the hormonal supression of the ability to get pregnant is pretty standard nowadays, and certain cheap products could just work... longer. Possibly even a way to target metas who need different dosages.
It woulden't matter in the Sixth World, remember? Their population already got fuxx0red by VITAS and VITAS-2.
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