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Use the following four (4) ingredients to create a shadowrun mission/story that a standard group of shadowrunners could run. How you throw them together in your mission is up to you.
There are 20 possible points. 10 possible for Taste (if it would be fun to play), 5 for plating (how well put together the concept is), and 5 for originality (how you used the special ingredients).

A daughter
The Ancients (Gang)
Ares Macrotechnology
10m of fiber optic cable
Lord Ben
A daughter
The Ancients (Gang)
Ares Macrotechnology
10m of fiber optic cable

The group gets a call from their fixer asking them to meet at a nice steakhouse called O'Malley's, it's a popular location for Ares wageslaves who want to impress a girl or a client. Careful scanning of the crowd (and it's very busy during the meet) will turn up 4 elves in hidden mode on a PAN. They're all talking to seperate groups and just transmitting location data.

The Johnson is an Elf, the shirt under his jacket suggests he works for Ares although he makes no claim of it. He passes over a data chip containing a news story. The story is about a Human guy and Elf girl were on a date at O'Malleys steakhouse (same place they're in). Four orcs attack them (security footage), they beat up the guy and tied the girl to the back of their van and drug her several blocks down the road before cutting the rope and speeding off. Johnson says that the girl was important to someone at Ares and he'd like "closure" on the incident.

Careful searches of the following reveal special info:
News story - the footage only really shows the attack. The orcs are wearing Sons of Sauron gang clothes. Digging deeper with the actual footage shows irregular camera pattern revealing only the actual fight. None of the nearby footage shows the Orcs vehicle up close at all.

Human male - He's at an Ares hospital and the Johnson didn't provide access. But if questioned he was dating the girl and treating her nice mostly to get to her father, Frank Osborne, a manager in the mergers and aquisitions deptartment. Also, he makes a comment that the Orcs didn't seem as physically intimidating as they usually do. Digging deeper will show that he's recently received a 10,000y payment in a secure account.

Crime scene data - Could be gotten from a lone star (or other) contact or with bribes to the right people. The girl was dragged behind the van with a fiber optic cable. Cops can't trace it since the part that contains the RFID was tied to the van, not the girl. Digging deeper (via data search) reveals that the RFID and discarded cable show up in the garbage. They regularly scan the garbage and catalogue what items get thrown away. This is then data mined and fed back to the corps for cash. The data log shows that it was picked up from a dumpster in an area of town that is known for prostitution. It's in the Ancients territory.

Sons of Sauron - We can't keep track of which pink people we kill. So it could have been us, you have a problem with that? Digging deeper reveals that it wasn't them and they think people were trying to pin it on them. They have a hard time caring since it fits their MO anyhow.

The Ancients - They refuse to talk but by the time the party wants info from them they have a good reason to dig deeper. Investigations reveal that one of their patron members (agrees with their philosophy but only provides higher level help and doesn't "hang" with the gang) wanted them to impersonate Orcs and kill the girls in a public manner. Digging even deeper reveals that the patron works for Ares and is a certain Henry Kennedy, a manager in the mergers and aquisitions dept. Henry Kennedy is the Johnson.

Tying it all together: Ares Macrotechnology wanted to purchase a company to get a leg up on marketing in the barrens. They had a large budget (3 million? 5 million?) Frank Osbourne wanted to purchase Inner City Marketing Solutions, a company owned by a pair of Orc brothers that did very successful viral marketing in the barens. Henry Kennedy thought it was a terrible idea to put that much of Ares future in the hands of some simple minded Orcs. The company he preferred was owned by an old friend of his when they were both in the ancients. He called up his old friends to stage a hit on his co-workers daughter to give him an example of how vicious Orcs could be. After it happened he sensed additional weakness and blackmail material and agreed to help him out in exchange for Ares buying the company he preferred. If the players get too close to the actual truth they get doublecrossed and killed. It's hoped though that they won't dig deep and will capture/torture/kill a couple orcs who confess to the crime on video. An easy payday.

Possible endings:
1. PC's sense the easy payday and torture some Orcs into confessing. Everyone is happy although the perps get away.

2. Mr Kennedy is killed for being the scumbag that he is and for doublecrossing or planning on doublecrossing the team.

3. The players reveal what a scumbat Mr Kennedy is but let him go through with the plan in return for a substantial cut of the purchase price of the new company and blackmail on someone high up in Ares.
Lord Ben
Nobody else?
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