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Full Version: New Adept powers in Street magic
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Hi all,

I have a player who is creating an Adept and was looking at the new Elemental Strike and Penatrating strike powers from Street Magic.

The question that came up is that both powers say that they stack with Killing Hands. Penetrating Strike says it does not stack with Elemental Strike. Killing Hands says it stacks with Critical Strike.

Does Critical Strike stack with Penatrating or Elemental Strike?

Has anyone else out there run into this?

Thank you for your help.
Zen Shooter01
Anything that is not forbidden is permitted.

If it doesn't say no, then it's a go.

Unless your GM says, "I don't think so!"
Critical strike should stack with both. All that the rules above forbid are stacking elemental and penetrating. Of course if there are more rules in there that change it, I could be wrong. But based on what's referenced above, that's the way it would work.
You could think of it this way:
Critical strike modifies the base damage.
Penetrating strike/elemental strike modify AP.
Elemental strike and penetrating strike don't stack because they are modifying the same thing and to do both would (could) negate all of someones armor. One elemental strike and 3 to 4 points of penetrating strike would negate most impact armors in the game.

Thanks for the thoughts. I was thinking the same thing too, but with the fact that it uses impact armor (which is generally a lower value) I wanted to get some more opinions.
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