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Full Version: commlink as battle tac
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Prime Mover
I could have sworn I read across somthing about a team sharing commlink info were afforded a +1 to +3 bonus on reaction. Now cant seem to find the reference. Found some more in depth bonus's in Seb's xmas matrix file but was almost sure saw it originally in cannon material.

Anyone confirm or deny info? book/page no.
I don't remember reading this in the BBB, but there's something about modifiers when AR can be used to help . I seem to remember they mention +2 modifiers though.
Some possibilities from the main rules.

p 126
Build and repair
+2 with AR Reference materials

p. 155
Suprise Tests
+3 If alerted in some way(Could be linked AR feed)

Otherwise, I don't rememer seeing a direct modifier
Using a commlink as a battletac would have less tangible but no less useful bonuses. Like in the story in the front of the core book, where the hacker patches the cameras into everyone's commlinks and they see an overlay of where the badguys are? You'd have new knowledge, i.e. where every badguy is. Very useful, even though it doesn't give you dice.
Prime Mover
Know I was'nt dreaming hehe just cant remember were read it.

Serb institutes a series of ar bonus's from 1-3 in AR examples in SGM 1.0 (beta), thought for sure he was expanding on what I thought was somthing I'd already read, now for life of me cant find it anywere.

Just seems like remember seeing it in a strange place while looking up somthing else.
In an AR sidebar (IIRC) in SR4 it talks about AR giving up to a +/-3 modifier to stuff. Unfortunately, it isn't much more descriptive than that.
Basically, if you see AR being useful to a test give +1 to +3 dice for it. (Be careful modifying direct combat rolls, though) and to -1 to -3 for unrelated tests (like maybe perception) because 60% of your vision is obscured by gARbage.
Prime Mover
Woot thanks found it in ar sidebar, pg 208 mentions bonus being usable for just about anything with overlays and whatnot and in second or third paragraph mentions reaction bonus. Musta read past it dozen times hehe thanks !!
Well, how about this:

Work out a way, possibly through a hacker using Edit, possibly through the clever application of autosofts, to highlight enemy targets in one color, neutral targets in another, and friendly targets in a third?
Rotbart van Dainig
Create a 3D map from sensor input:

Live contents show color, old information is grey-scale, unverified information is red-scale.
That map can be overlayed at %-value and adjusted directly onto vision, thus enabling the user to 'see through' obstacles.

Pathfinding, highlighting, etc. are standart AR applications, too.
Serbitar's got some good fleshing out of that +1 to +3 AR bonus in his Serbitar's Guide to the Matrix. Click here and scroll down to AR Examples.
use it as a reverse fog of war thing. Each commlink combines with sensor input from the rest of the team and all the sensors. As long as one team member or sensor is in an area then no surprise tests. They could coordinate fire and fire through obsticales.
use it as a reverse fog of war thing. Each commlink combines with sensor input from the rest of the team and all the sensors. As long as one team member or sensor is in an area then no surprise tests. They could coordinate fire and fire through obsticales.

My players have already run into something like this. They hacked their way into some Knight Errant commlinks while the cops were "in action" and noticed various "number streams" coming and going between the commlinks in a mesh pattern. The "input number stream" was not the same data as what was in the "output stream". The TechnoMancer is chopping at the bit to find out what the distributed computing is. I am not saying it is a "anti-fog-o-war" program but it could be (in your game).

there are many many possibilities for distributed computing with a series of commlinks linked together.

Combine it with some custom gear and you've got some great sensory potential. For instance:

special lasersights and vision mod (on helmet, contacts, etc) that can tell which team-mate's sight that is and adds the triangulation data to the tacnet.

Coded ultrasound, with the origination signal and orientation broadcast over the net. With multiple emitters of known location and signal, fairly high accuracy indirect (no LOS) echolocation becomes feasible. Combine with spatial recognizers for further correlation.

Combine the surface mapping from the ultrasound with the laser sight triangulating vision mod and you have a chance of back-calculating the source of an enemy lasersight.

This is over and above bio-telemetry that could be used to identify the affect of magic.
now have a person feeding the info from certain extended detection spells into this and you are ready to go.

Detect Magic, Detect Living are just the most obvious but it doesnt have to end there.
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