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Full Version: Initiative & Rule-of-Six
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I have a player whose new character is a spellcasting/melee-fighting troll with the Adrenaline Surge edge. We came up with a question in the last game:

Does the "+1 target modifier on Combat Tests and Perception Tests" apply to spells cast in combat?

Are "Combat Tests" any tests that can be made in combat as a Complex, Simple, or Free action? Do they mean Combat Skills (even though there are no Perception Skills)? Something else entirely?

Adrenaline Surge
Value: 2

  Adrenaline Surge enables a character to react more quickly than normal during combat situations.  A player character with this Edge may use it any time in combat.
  When employing Adrenaline Surge, the character uses the Rule of Six for Initiative (p.100, SR3) but receives a +1 target modifier on Combat Tests and Perception Tests made in combat situations.  Once a character uses Adrenaline Surge, he must use it for the remainder of the combat or until the danger has passed.
  The Adrenaline Surge Edge applies only to physical actions in the physical world.  The Edge has no effect on the actions of a character who is jacked into a rigged system or into the Matrix.  Additionally, the Edge has no effect on a character who is driving a rigged vehicle using a datajack link.
  Characters whose Reaction or Initiative is already enhanced by cyberware, bioware or magic (including shapeshifters and adepts) may not purchase Adrenaline Surge.
Based on what you've written:

I would interpret Combat Tests to be skill tests using skills such as Unarmed Combat, Clubs, Pistols, Assault Rifles, etc., or those which default to the appropriate Linked Attribute.

Perception Tests, of course, use the character's Intelligence Attribute.

I wouldn't think that it applies to magical skills, such as Sorcery and Conjuring.
As far as I know perception modifiers already apply to spellcasting, so yes.
Vision modifiers apply to spellcasting.
Vision falls under perception, don't you think?
perception tests are for when there's a chance you might notice that you hadn't before. i'd note that the modifier only applies to physical actions, which spellcasting and conjuring aren't.
Do you consider a perception test to be a physical action?
While I wouldn't normally think that use of Perception, Knowledge Skills, or Language Skills would be "physical actions", I think the author does intend to include them.

I think the term "physical action" in the rule means "things done in the physical world, not the astral plane, and not jacked in." Perception (while on the physical plane), Knowledge Skills (while on the physical plane), and Language skills (while on the physical plane) would all be done more quickly by a character who had received an initiative benefit from this edge. I think Spellcasting (while physical) and Conjuring (while physical) would likewise be speeded up.
The rule seems a little vague, and pretty open to interpretation. If it were me, I'd apply the penalty to just about anything but damage resistance rolls.
I would agree. Its intent seems to penalize any concentration ability, due to the jitters. So, you shouldn't be able to think as quickly while hyped. You shouldn't be able to focus as well.

Probably the author thought that only combat-junkies would take the edge.
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