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Full Version: Hiding Money Offshore in the Sixth World
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Take a look at this:

Abusive Tax Shelters

It is pretty dry reading, but it seems that these things have two pretty big weaknesses: The use of "trust protectors" who leave data and paper trails between the trustees and the grantors/beneficiaries (thus expsing the trust to be false on its face) , and the possiblity that one of the trustees might get ideas and ignore the "trust protectors" and do things his/her/its way. (as what hapenned with Proteus AG).

Now imagine a Sixth World slant. Imagine that comunication between Grantor and Trustees is done in special drops in code in the Astral, or that the Trust Protectors are spirits (say, Task, Guidance, or Man) bound to the Grantor, able to relay their master's wishes the moment he makes the descision, and with enough Force and Power to punish an unruly trustee. How about the trustee being a Free Spirit being blackmailed by a Grantor with knowlege of it's True Name to keep it in check?

Maybe it's the work of a coterie of Shedim with a Master Shedit devising the financial instruments and running the show. He could even be offering services to mundane clients in return for, ahem, quid pro quo.

Anyone else want to chime in?
The main change is that after the awakening, loyality can be tested. Magic might or might not be banned in the courthouse, but the evil guys can always use compel truth on you.
The latest James bond movie follwos this. The bad guy is a banker for terorrists and plays a little to loose on the stock market with his clients' money. He needs to replace $100,000,000 ASAP. It's not giving away anything to say that while Bond is trying to stop this, some clients come looking for Le Chiffre for an 'explanaition. no reason to think the same might happen with street sammie's as it does "true believers."

Or the trustees have to provide a material sample to their lcients. screw around with my money and I'll have a sending on you in nothing flat.

In short people laundering money can't exactly go to the NASD to complain about mishandled funds BUT the sort of people who launder money are probably the sort who do not express their displeasure in angry memos.
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