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Right. You all know the rules. Here are the words:

A high school

Get to it, guys. Let's see some nice runs.

EDIT: Can some nice moderator please insert the other half of the words into the topic description?

EDIT 2: Tossing in this, just in case someone's new to IG. Shamelessly joinked from Lord Ben's post:

Rules are to create the outline of a run using the above ingredients in as original a way as possible. 5 points for how well the ingredients are used (originality), 5 points for how laid out and coherent the outline is (plating), and 10 points for how much fun our esteemed panel of judges (just me) thinks the adventure would be to run or play in.
Okay a quick synopsis.

A Johnson hires the team in a hurry they have three hours (does that count for time?)to get a styrofoam packing case back, the Johnson doesn't mention it's contents. The box is held by another runner team who got hammered by security stealing the box and then had their van trashed in the resulting chase. They limped to the nearest building for safety - a school which they are holding hostage. Lone Star are negotiating but this is likely to take time more than the Johnson wants. So the team have to get past a police cordon and steal the case. No kids must be hurt, the Johnson will not pay them if they do that.

The box? If the players check inside it they discover the it is protecting a cryo freezing tank containing the head of Walt Disney.

Hows that?
It's fast. nyahnyah.gif

Care to elaborate a bit? Who did the head originally belong to? Who wants it? Where's the high school? Did the Johnson who hired the runners also hire the other team? And isn't Disney already dead?
Its Disneys head under Ice in the styrophone case smile.gif
The school is placed as the ref requires. Who wants it whoever the ref decides. I'd go with factions in Virtual World Disney myself lots of internal disney vs pixar type stuff. The head is indeed Walt Disney's, and we'd better hope he's dead. The runners Johnson is from an opposing Disney faction.

For additional fun have shedim possess the head for talking skull fun wink.gif Or a Master shedim for meglomaniac control freak fun...
Its only a matter of time before apple takes over disney or vice versa. Either way it will be an evil corp
Lord Ben
A high school

Synopsis: An Art collector decides to get his hand on some 20th century notable works that changed and redefined the medium.


Meet: The PC's are told to meet at a parking garage and to pack light. They're picked up by an armored limo, inside are several women guards. They're searched for tracking devices and the limo is also prevented from interacting with the outside world. The women are gentle and kind (no visible weapons) and will specifically leave alone any weapons. They only politely ask for tracking to be turned off and then search to confirm. The Limo's windows are shaded and they're driven off to an unknown location. They'll warn that the Limo is also a mana barrier.

The car drives and they feel it stop and then descend into an underground space where they pass through a sizeable mana barrier blocking the entrance to the underground structure.

The PC's emerge into a well lit windowless climate controlled underground area with dozens of fine collectors cars from the start of the automobile era up to last years newest sportscar. (Players with certain knowledge can roll to recognize one vehicle that was a concept car but stolen at this years auto show, a well executed heist that left no clues). Their are several mirrors that make the room look much bigger than it really is.

They take a door into a very nicely lit and decorated art gallery in an underground room. On the wall are dozens of fine paintings and photographs. PC's with appropriate knowledge will recognize them as priceless paintings by famous artists (Van Gogh, Picasso, etc). They take the stairs up into a 2nd floor (relative to the car lot). Their are one way windows looking out onto the car lot from both floors. On this second floor building they'll notice it's filled with old media equipment. Phonograph records, Apple IIe's, Betamax tape players, 8-tracks, etc. All the devices are in display cases. There is an area with movies on display. There is a record and movie reel for The Jazz Singer, which the PC's can recognize as the first commercially successful movie with sound.

Guards (female again) warn the PC's to not record or attempt to identify the Johnson. They ask nicely and don't give details of any possible penalties. They sit down at a table and the Johnson comes in. He's a well dressed human who sits into the corner in a shaded area. He's wearing a beautiful golden mask to hide his true identity (ancient African Shaman mask, it's a powerful focus if the PC's try to astrally identify it). The girls double as guards, this time with hidden guns. Hidden for politeness, it's easy to spot if specifically looking at them for weapons. The Johnson is also flanked by two other mages in astral space (he's a mage too). If the PC's ignore the warnings and go astral to identify his signature they will try to knock the PC's out and remove selected memories and dump them somewhere. If any PC uses lethal force so will they. They have as many backup guards as a billionare art collector can muster up while he deals with criminal riff-raff (so lots).

He shows the PC's much of his collection, he's very proud of it and can't show many people. He then explains that he's trying to collect significant works of the 20th century. He explains the significance of the Disney movie, Steamboat Willie (cartoon that made Mickey Mouse famous). Disney is owned by Aztech and he's aware that an original reel of the movie is stored in their corporate storage facility located in a former underground military base (similiar to NORAD, or a decommisioned NORAD itself). He reveals that he's been made aware of it's location by intercepting a Aztech shipment order that will empty this facility and move it's contents to the new storage location under the Aztech Pyramid. The move start in 7 days and take a month to complete. He believes that once the move starts it will be hard to steal the reel because of all the people working in the facility and guards transporting everything from old Disney reels to secret Aztech documents.

If the PC's spend time trying to get information about this facility they can get rewarded by contact information of a disgruntled former employee. He's currently working as a janitor at a high school for troubled youths. He was a forklift driver at this underground base and his forklift overturned on ice and precious datachips were destroyed costing the company lots of money in data recovery. He was fired for the accident and claims it's not his fault. He's paid very little and asks for a large amount but promises a very detailed map. Enough to buy a new cyber leg as he still walks with a limp after the accident. He can be brought down though in price if the PC's are cruel enough to haggle with a cripple who wants a new leg.

If they pay he produces 30 year old employee orientation materials with a full map of the facility. This is on paper and from before security measures prohibited maps being printed or sent home with people. However it's very detailed. He marks on the map which wing is rented by Aztech and which vault contains the old Disney movies.

At the facility itself the entrance is highly guarded (make something up depending on PC's skills and abilities) but inside it's freezing cold with climate controlled vaults. There are drones as well as forklifts with people riding up and down the hallways big enough for tanks. Each Vault has it's own security system hard wired to the outside in cable bundles along the ceiling (wireless can't penetrate to the outside, although the rooms have wireless functionality within them still). Breaking and entering skills and equipment will be needed.

Upon reaching the right vault they can hack into the system and aquire the right container. Opening it will reveal two oversized breifcases but not that heavy. Opening them will reveal one with a record and one with a reel both packaged in protective styrofoam and effectively bulletproof containers. Removing them will make extraction easier, but more vulnerable in a gunfight.

Upon leaving they'll be searched by the guards (if they found a legit way in and out even the legit employees are throughly searched).

Passing off the two suitcases will involve the PC's meeting at a parking garage and handing them over to the female guards and then the Limo leaving. Attempting to follow will reveal astral mages protecting the limo and engaging in stun combat to prevent it from being trailed.

Background: The Johnson is Sid Silverburg, a mage simstar with many popular titles to his name. He's recently formed his own production company and hired much of the mage talent in Hollywood to work for him. He's well connected (to the Jewish Hollywood Mafia) and the only thing he enjoys more than making $300,000,000 at the Box office on films he stars in is spending his money on fine cars, mansions, and beautiful women.
Ok, I'll do some judging now.



Rules are to create the outline of a run using the above ingredients in as original a way as possible. 5 points for how well the ingredients are used (originality), 5 points for how laid out and coherent the outline is (plating), and 10 points for how much fun our esteemed panel of judges (just me) thinks the adventure would be to run or play in.

Originality: Time is pretty loosely included here. Styrofoam seems included pretty basically too. A time-limit isn't all that original. Hostage situation in a high school, too, but it's nicely thought out anyway. Walt Disney's head in a box is pretty damn funny, especially with the Shedim add-on ideas. I had to prompt you for those though. 2 points.
Plating: The basic set-up is well done, but there's a lot of room for expansion. Set-up of encounters and situations, descriptions of NPCs, and so on. It's a nice little outline, but I'm going to have to do a lot of work on my own if I'm going to be able to include this run in any game I GM. My biggest gripe is that you haven't explained why anyone would want his head. 2 points.
Fun/Just Me: Well, this is pretty funny, with the runners risking their lives for the dead, frozen head of a cartoonist. Actually a little to funny and weird for my games, or how I believe Shadowrun is to be portrayed as a dystopian setting. It's just too wacky, and reminds me more of Paranoia than Shadowrun, really. 5 points.
Total: 9 points.

Lord Ben
Originality: Here too, time and styrofoam seem to be tossed in pretty weakly. Time less so, since the mission has a lot of items from previous ages. Most are simply props though, and don't add much to the adventure as a whole. The high school is at the same time a side-trek and a necessity, which is a little weird. Disney here plays a nice role, and I like the background info on the reel and all that. Real-world connections always add believability. 3 points.
Plating: The beginning of this is very thoroughly done, with a lot of detail. Perhaps too much though, as the amount of info fades more and more as the scenario unfolds. Any GM is going to have to do a lot of work on that bunker. Also, you mention at some point “the wing that Aztechnology rents”. Rents? Then who holds the other parts? 3 points.
Fun/Just Me: Overall, I like this scenario. I always had a spot in my heart for nice flashbacks to reality in sci-fi, cyberpunk, and such. I think too much time has gone into describing the Johnson and his home, and find the gig with only female guards and an underground lair full of valuable artworks quite cheesy. I also can not see a good reason why the Johnson wouldn't use a proper Johnson, and why he invited the runners to his home. Also, this is pretty linear, with one detailed information source and one outcome. 7 points.
Total: 13 points.

So far, LB's in the lead.
Seraph Kast
Okay, here we go:

>Insert Corp of Your Choice< has discovered that shortly before the Crash, Disney was working on a series of high- and low-tech research, funded by their significant movie and theme park incomes. Among the low-tech research was a new form of styrofoam that hardened significantly under a sharp impact, making a very useful material for transporting delicate materials that could suffer jostling, or that might acquire unwanted attention. Other low-tech research was undergoing, but the rumor is that they managed to successfully create some test-versions of the styrofoam, and the >Corp< that is hiring the team believes that getting ahold of a sample will allow them to reverse engineer current products more effectively and produce competitive goods.

At least, this is what the PC's believe to be the case, and it is, in fact, true. However, the true goal of the snatch-and-grab mission is to steal a series of high-tech devices concealed in the sytrofoam cases at a hidden storage facility, an abandoned highschool in the middle of Texas (or where the hell ever you feel like it). The facility has a large underground storage portion and is guarded by a reasonable number of troops. Hidden away in the encasing styrofoam sample (which is oddly hefty to the PC's) is adevice that supposedly was an attempt at a device to manipulate time. The people hiring the PC's have no idea what it's supposed to do beyond that, but even a hint of something that powerful is worth spending shadowrunners on. At the least, they probably get their hands on some interesting tech.

The PC's probably need transit time/vehicles and money to arrange contacts and so forth, and there may very well be a test mission doing something similar in another facility as the >Corp< tests them out. Made for a well fleshed out team with some reasonably good resources. Probably very little in the way of records pertaining to specifically what kind of device is in the warehouse, but if they dig they should be able to find something out, and guess that the styrofoam is a red herring. Plus investigating the box at the warehouse after/during the heist could produce some interesting questions (does a potential time machine come with instruction manuals?).

Ta da!
Behold the power of the Necromancer!

Also known as: Oops, I forgot to judge the last entry and declare a winner.

So, here we go...

Seraph Kast
Originality: Your styrofoam idea is fine, pretty awesome, actually. A hidden storage facility in an abandoned high school in Texas is a pretty nifty idea. Time machine was expected, and is a bit over the top. Disney researching styrofoam and time-machines is also pretty far out. 3 points.
Plating: Short and to the point layout, but with some suggestions and ideas to tie it together. I'm going to have to do quite a bit of work myself in order to run this mission. Same critics here as with Ophis, basically. 2 points.
Fun/Just Me: That a potential time machine is lying about somewhere in an abandoned Disney storehouse is too far out. Disney doesn't work with that kind of stuff, and has no interests in it either. Also, why wouldn't Aztechnology – who now owns Disney – have seized these things a long time ago? And who is guarding the hidden high school storage facility? The Crash may have deleted data, but people were still able to talk. It would all make sense in something like Paranoia, but not in Shadowrun. I would have a very hard time selling this story to my players. There are just too many holes. Also, I'm strongly against “>Insert Corp of Your Choice Here<”, because most corps have different agendas. Finally, I feel that the adventure lacks anything on a personal level, making it seem more like a computer game dungeon crawl, and doesn't really offer any role playing encounters except for the meet. 4 points.

So, final results are:

1st place: Lord Ben - 13 points!
2nd place: Ophis and Seraph Kast - 9 points

Take it away, LB... wink.gif
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