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Full Version: What does Aid Sorcery mean?
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emo samurai
Does it help with conjuring, or just with spellcasting?
Nope, only Sorcery-related Skills ... hence the name.
SR4, p. 178, under Magical Services, 2nd paragraph:

"When a spirit performs the Aid Sorceryservice, it adds it's Force to the summoner's dice pool for any Spellcasting, Ritual Spellcasting, or Counterspelling attempt, reguardless of the time required for the test. In the case of Spellcasting and Ritual Spellcasting, the spell being cast must be of a type appropriate to the spirit & the magician's tradition. With Counterspelling, the spell being countered must be of the appropriate type."

If I'm mistaken, this means that the spirit adds it's Force to punch up the spell/counterspell/ritual being cast by the magician, and must fit within the paradigm of the magician's particular Tradition.
Eryk the Red
The "appropriate type" bit just means the spell has to be of the spell category associated with the spirit type in the mage's tradition.
Ancient History
Note that the optional rule Aid Enchanting presented in Street Magic works a little differently.
Slithery D
Which is the only part of the enchanting rules I didn't like. But I didn't like it a lot. Bad break from SR4 standardization! Bad!
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