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Full Version: This year I am going to ...
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...GM a game on the Dumpshock Forums
...Attend GenCon
...Bring snacks and drinks to every gaming session
...Start a live Shadowrun gaming group
...Catch up on my Shadowrun reading
Run more Sr games for more people
actually submit something to fan Pro
write some short stories for SRRPG
... be a bigger slacker than I was last year.

Maybe get something game-related published. I had two rejections in December for pieces that I'd done. 100% rejection rate so far. I wouldn't mind so much except that Wizards of the Coast took approximately 19 months to let me know and managed to lose my submission twice. At least the other one was quick.
Visit Seattle
Send a submission to FanPro
Play more SR
Drink less alcohol
after 16 years of collecting/reading novels and source books...........

Oh, and visit Seattle.
Wounded Ronin
Get choked out more.
Send concept submission to Fanpro
show these GM's that murphy is my dear friend
find a sit down game in my area
get to play insted of GM, at least once (last time i played was back in 1998, IIRC)
make my players actually miss the time when the bugs were all awake in Bug City
get the team behind our SR-related brazilian site to finish the layout issues
buy more six sided dice
QUOTE (Fortune)
... be a bigger slacker than I was last year.

At least you posted to the right thread... unless you were talking about your character(?)
...find a game in my area
...if number one don't work, then find people and show them the way of SR and then accomplish number one
...submit writing to FanPro
...submit art to FanPro
...catch up on SR reading

...and as always, buy more six sided dice...always more six sided dice biggrin.gif
QUOTE (tisoz @ Jan 2 2007, 06:17 PM)
At least you posted to the right thread... unless you were talking about your character(?)

Hell no, of course I meant myself. I like to play characters that actually have a life. wink.gif
...convince some of my players that GMing is actual fun.
...kill at least one PC to show that I'm a mean GM.
...make a certain player buy D6 and a SR4 rulebook.
...GM a game on the Fanpro Forums.
...actually learn how to use computers so I can interact with my players on the Wiki site they made for our game, and so I can make my own maps and post them (but like most New Year's resolutions, it is not going to happen).
Kyoto Kid
...get my scanner working & post some art
...get more players in my area involved
...get the Rhapsody second run off the ground (kind of related to #2 above)
...actually run a PC Spellcaster
...actually run a PC Meta (SR4)
...actually run a PC Meta Spellcaster (heck, why not go for the gusto?)
... actually try out Sr4
... plan out my GMing tools better
... run the Maria Mercurial plot line for myself more then my players.
... Make a Rigger specific GM screen
... build an old school rocker PC
... teach one of my players that D&D isnt compatible with SR.
... kill off my groups SURGE-ling. Blue elves with tails = bad. See above.
emo samurai
Make weirder campaigns.
eek.gif how? is that possible?
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