I couldn't post in the dumpshock forums below so I guess I'll post it here.

One of the things I had a hard time locating was a good and complete listing of the SR books. I've recently gone through my books and stuck it up on my site but thought I'd give back a little so I've updated the books listings on the wiki. More organizing and such but I also added ISBNs where I had them/knew them. There are a few that I haven't been able to track down so if someone has it, feel free smile.gif

The one thing I want to do which I've started is list the adventures by name and book in the Shadowrun Adventures section. There are a few of the ones I know off the top of my head but I'll need to break out my books to get the others from the campaign books and any sourcebooks.

Thought I'd pass it along in case there's interest (I'm interested which is why I'm doing it of course biggrin.gif )