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Full Version: External Smartlink & Goggles
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Dim Sum
Hi, all,

Don't have my rule book with me so can someone just confirm for me that an external smartlink (hooked to goggles) will confer only a -1 TN modifier instead of the -2 enjoyed by the cybernetic version?

I don't want to give specific rules ... but the external version only gives half the bonus of the integral smart link.
Dim Sum
Erm, that would make it -1, right?

Thanks. smile.gif
Yes. -1 not - 2. Now that that trade secret is out Shadowrun is doomed. ohplease.gif
Dim Sum
'Kay, thanks, Diablo. smile.gif
The specific ruling is: any part of the system that is not cybernetic reduces the overall bonus to -1.

It still obeys the standard rules for smartlinks.

I think the limited simrig is the difference between -1TN and -2TN.

As long as you have the simrig internal, I don't see why you couldn't have one datajack leading to smartgoggles, one jack leading to your gun, and perhaps a third leading to an external SG Processor.

Of course, you would end up taking up more essence that way, but you have fewer illegal implants.
There has not been a canon explanation of what makes a smartlink go from a -2 bonus to a -1 bonus except the "any external component" clause.

Ray does a good write-up and for all practical purposes, I could agree that the limited simsense rig has an impact. I could even argue that a trode simsense rig could achieve the same effect, coupled with a ballistic processor and smartgoggles.

However, the canon ruling goes thusly...alter as you like for your own game.

Just so nobody is confused the terminology that the books use is:

Smartlink = the cyberware smartlink that costs you essence and gives -2 T#

Smart goggles = goggles and cord that plug into the gun and cost no essence, but give -1 t#

Internal(or is it Integral?) Smartlink Modification = integral modification of a weapon so it can be used with a smartlink system (googles or cyber). Doubles weapon cost, no concealabilty penalty.

External Smartlink Modification = some box attatched to the weapon so it can be used with a smartlink system. Fixed cost, concealability penalty (-1 or -2).

The internal and external modifications work the same (don't affect the t# change) except for cost and concealability (well and I guess you could more easily remove and attatch the external one).
For some reason, this t-shirt just struck me as funny in a SR context...

Don't forget that for twice thr price you can have smartgoggles packed into the frame of a pair of sunglasses. biggrin.gif

As well as thermo- and night-vision options in either case!
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