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Full Version: Iron GM: Version 5
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Lord Ben
Okay Dumpshock, here are your secret ingredients:
Air conditioning (a broader HVAC or climate control definition if you choose)

Rules are to create the outline of a run using the above ingredients in as original a way as possible. 5 points for how well the ingredients are used (originality), 5 points for how laid out and coherent the outline is (plating), and 10 points for how much fun our esteemed panel of judges (just me) thinks the adventure would be to run or play in.

Allez Cuisine!
Hmmmm. I have two ideas for this. Would you prefer high-powered or mid/low-powered?
Lord Ben
I just judge! I can't tell my preference! That being said, we generally play low-politics games.
While you're waiting, and just because:

Runners are hired by Mr. Johnson to steal a stealth assault vehicle made from an extremely dense cellulose pulp, using a turbo-charged air-blower to launch radio-guided Drop Bears with hangliders.
Lord Ben
5 for originality!
And then it turns out the creators of the assault vehicle made it for eucalyptus trees. Things get hairy when the ammunition starts eating the launch platform. Not to mention the runners.

Still working on my submission. I've run into a big hole, but the salvage crew is working frantically.
SoyKaf Adict
You start with your runners, making there way across the Aztlan desert, low-flying VTOL craft(vehicle)... Insertion into a Aztechnology facility dedicated to the research of Better-Than-Life table-top role-playing(paper). Aztech is testing the BTL on monkies especially designed for this. Their job is to smuggle the BTLs in the apes(animal) through border patrols, and the secondary objective is to destroy the climate control (HVAC) system in the facility to make sure their tracks are covered.
It's an extraction job. A corp discovered an actual Yeti, an Abominable Snowman. The head of the cult, Bob, that centered around him wants the runners to get the Yeti back. See, Bob is second cousins to this fixer that the PCs have. It doesn't pay much, but the fixer will bear the favor in mind the next time something comes up.

The Yeti's being kept in a lab in the middle of the desert. The PCs have to provide extreme air conditioning once they get him out to keep him from suffering from heat stroke. Yetis are very succeptible to that, you know.

The lab is disguised as a paper mill -- vast piles of paper, paper pulp, paper dust. They have to be careful because any bit of flame could spark the dust and set the whole lab on fire. There are loads of sensors all over the place, none of them tied to any sort of antenna, everything is hard wired, so PCs will likely have to parachute in, deal with resistance and watch where the bullets go and muzzle flash (sparks and flame), get the Yeti, steal one of the air conditioners set up in the glass lab downstiars, rig it to a vehicle and drive out of Dodge (or fly, depending on what they put together).

Whatever sort of vehicle they have, the opposition happens to come after them in a similar vehicle and a chase scene occurs.
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