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Full Version: St. Petersburg
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phelious fogg
I was wanting to know if there is any data on St. Petersburg in any of the older books. I was thinking about making it the location for a campaign.

Nothing in detail, the organised crime situation gets mentioned in SoA.
The timeline explorer only came up with this (all sources checked):

2034 - In October, in Kronstadt, Russia, a coalition of military officers, Vory v Zakone operatives, smugglers, and anarchists initiate a rebellion against the Russian government. The Kronstadt Naval Base is seized with little effort and the channel to St. Petersburg is blocked. Some of the naval sub crews become mercenaries, others pirates. The majority remain in Kronstadt to defend the new nation which is renamed the Kronstadt Republic or the Free City of Kronstadt. (Target: Smuggler's Havens)
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