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Someone just bought my copy of SR4 I listed some time in 2005 on for $35. If only everyone that gave up on SR4 could get a full refund. smile.gif
How is that not insulting SR4 and basically trolling?
James McMurray
That reminds me of the time I put a large lot of Highlander cards up on Ebay. The buy It Now price was $300. Someone bought the set with a high bid of $375.
James McMurray
QUOTE (Demerzel)
How is that not insulting SR4 and basically trolling?

Because he didn't say SR4 sucked. He said that he didnlt like it and by a happy circumstance managed to get a full refund.
Chrome Shadow
One's trash is another's treasure... and viceversa...
I don't see it as insulting or trolling, for pretty much the same reasons given by James McMurray.

I'm always excited when someone helps me out by buying something I didn't end up caring for on Ebay, or heck, even in person. (Ah, gamer friends with different tastes.)
Apparently, this is a good time to sell as copies are hard to find.
SR4 does have its flaws, which is why I worked up a SR4 SR3 hybrid. I like the straight numbers for damage and drain and most of the rest. What I didn't like in SR4, I simply carried over the rules from SR3.

The problem with SR4 is that they oversimplified things. I understand that they are more concerned with style and all that, but I think they went a little too far. Still, for the most part they did a good job. I just prefer a little more detail in the game so, like I said, I just carried over some SR3 rules.
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