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Full Version: Jet Man
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Thought this was neat and I would share it....You can find all sorts of video on it.
Cliff Secord: How do I look?
Peevy: Like a hood ornament.

From the Rocketeer, which was the first thing that came to mind as I saw the pictures on the site. Then it was a toss-up between Pilotwings 'jetpack' levels and the Rocketman song. wink.gif

Looks kinda cool though, checking the site out now.

This reminds me of a tt SR game I played, where I was working with the GM about the possibility of making a hoverboard. I still have the eight or so different designs I came up with, each using different technology, and one that even used magic, though that one would be hard to mass market.
Well, that's not really that huge a step up from stuff that's been done for a while now. Just instead of hanggliding (Or is that handgliding?) and having a motor on the glider to boot the wings now fit directly around the body.

I'll be alot more impressed when it's compacked down into a backpack sized deal that can easily be ported anywhere and has enough thrust to make power armor fly!

Oh.. and the power armor being real would be pretty nifty too I suppose.
We whipped up something resembling a hoverboard in our game, but it was limited to areas on Gridlink™.
emo samurai
I must kill him and take credit for his invention.
Kyoto Kid
...all I can say is WoW!

Reminds me of a character in the old X-Men comic named Warhawk who was a member of "Hardcase's Harriers". He had a pair of jet powered wings that he wore. Not too different looking than these except for the stabilising winglets.

Very well thought out design from an aeronautical perspective.

Looks like RL SOTA beats game SOTA again (the Nightglider Rigger 3).
Look like the uncybered version of the XBox Shadowrun cyber-glider
The video shows us something that's quite a bit cooler than I would have expected.

I'll agree, again, that this bodes well for power-armour and basic "it's the future!" comments.
James McMurray
However, no-one will ever forget the human who could actually fly and who appeared on earth in 1939. This man could jump and fly through the airs at whatever chosen moment: Batman… Cartoon character created by Bob Kane.

Could the original Batman really fly?
I thought he just had gliding wings in his older designs (though "Batman Begins" did reintroduce those), but I don't think those even made it to his DC introduction...
emo samurai
Didja get that story off of slashdot?

And as for the original Batman, he DID have a gun.
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