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Full Version: 11th hour character critique
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I started this guy as a street sam but decided to give him some rigging ability. This in turn led to giving him enough hacker stuff to at least try to keep other hackers from hacking his drones.

Char gen rules
[ Spoiler ]

Keep in mind that this is my second SR character and first one that I will be playing. I came from a short DnD background where as long as you had a backstory you get the bonus xp.

The Fluff
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The Crunch
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Hey I like that set of house rules wink.gif

just checking your karma cost and your a little off in some parts.

1) First point of a skill still costs 4 karma

2) in SR4 we round down for every thing so skill 2 to 3 cost 4 karma

you've over spent by 2 karma. I'll let you of this once for that.
Are you using any kind of house rules for cyberlimbs (hands get separate capacity in addition to arm's, racial bonuses get added to the base: 3 of cyberlimbs, etc.)? Because you are over the capacity limit for both of them otherwise, although not by too much. However, you cannot get cyberlimb enhancements over rating: 3 unless you have a cybertorso - again, unless you are using a house rule.

I assume you have the uncouth flaw because you want to play such a character? Otherwise, it doesn't seem that you are getting much out of it (you have paid 16 extra points for social skills because of the flaw, so you are only really getting a net 4 points from a pretty crippling flaw).

I am puzzled that you have build point costs listed for all of your knowledge skills. You get free knowledge skill points equal to (Logic + Intuition) x 3, which would be 21 skill points in your case. You would not only have all of the knowledge and language skills listed for free, but would also have 7 free skill points left to spend.

He seems spread a bit thin, but he would fit into a campaign where the other players create similar characters. More min-maxed specialists, though, might leave him feeling second-tier in comparison.
The uncouth is more role playing than extra points. Something to represent a mild case of cyber narcissism brought on by the attack in England and some paranoia.

The only cyberlimbs start at racial minimum +2 (3s for humans, orks start with body 6 and so on) with an extra +1 str. Those mods apply to the cyber torso limit too. So str starts at 5+1 (inherint cyber limb house rule) and gets 2 points of upgrade to 8. That is normal ork max and the limit before getting a cyber torso. I'm keeping the two gyroscopes for stuff like stability in messing with technical devices and to not spill peas when a waiter bumps his arm. Also would help when shooting around corners with his off hand.

On my excel sheet I have all the knowlege points listed then the -3(log+int) at the bottom, just forgot to include that when writing this up. And... I just reread the aquireing knowlege skills chunk. The log+int is straight ratings, not the bp cost? That will help a little, and I can keep the physical skills as is but move a couple of bp around to make the karma fit right.

The GM, Ophis, described the game as going to be survival horror. The other players include a troll HW adept, a fighting adept, astral spirit hunter, medic, and a smuggler/face with a little stealth. That is part of why I wanted to make him a little hackerish instead of just drone control.

What do you suggest to make him a little more useful in this group. We seem to have straight damage dealing covered with the troll and fighting adept. I'm not sure about other characters technical skills.
I don't know if you want to make him more "useful", if that would mess up the character concept. If no one else is doing any hacking or rigging, then it doesn't matter as much if you're not as good as a purely specialized one. He is only spread thin because even with 450 build points and Karma, a sammie/rigger/hacker will still eat up a lot of points.

Honestly, he is good enough. To make a specialist, you would have to start all over. He is still a decent sammie, just not on the same level as a pure specialist, and you don't seem to have a problem with other people being the main muscle guys.

The only changes that I would suggest would be somehow finding a way to add the Data Search skill - you have three of the four skills now, so maye shuffling the build points and karma around a bit will let you take the skill group instead. Also, and much more importantly, you need the hacking skill! Without those two skills, you might as well not even bother with the rest of the hacking stuff.
Sammie was the main idea but there needed to be some tech monkey, so no specializing for me, just an extra gun that can send a recon drone ahead or try to pull a file off the database. I must have skiped over hacking, it is on my personal sheet. Crap, using the electronics and cracking groups saves some bp. Not changing any other skills, just the point source (bp or karma) and using those two groups at level 2 (previous 3 skills in each were at 1, 2, and 3) I end up with 10 extra bp or 9 karma.
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