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Full Version: Shoulder mounted cyberware
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Okay, I'm really just pimping this!

What sees in infrared and hunts acid-blooded creatures?

But, um, on topic.

Too bad you can't shoulder-mount an articulated arm, eh?
Maxwell Silverhammer
You can Have seen a few caracters with them. Just need to get yourself a full cyber torso replacement. Oh, and the DNI to run the articulated arm. Perfectly legit by SR3 rules.
Drain Brain
Check the rules for external mounts - I'm sure they have something about shoulder mounts...
"Holy Cow, an AvP movie teaser ... thanks El Mac!"

I don't think there's enough room for an articulated arm on a cyber torso. Just on a cyber leg.

And I CANNOT figure out the rules for how you'd attach and use a gun on one of those.
Hell, shadowBeat and even the BBB have numbers for shoulder-mounted camera pods.

Swap out that camera pod with a sensor suite and there ya go.

Or keep the camera and trick it out with thermo, lowlight and ultrasound.

Granted, trying to upgrade it to a weapon platform would be a little more complicated -- recoil being what it is. Although they do have the Ballista backpack mortar system.

We had a shoulder mounted weapon in our game (hasn't actually seen much use). (BTW, I'm seeking any criticism on this as well)


Sony CB5000 Cybercam (p. 291, SR3)
Robotic Pilot (p. 121, R3)
Smartlink Integration Kit (p. 139, R3)
Rating 1 Sensor w/Flare Compensation, Thermographic, Damper, Spatial Recognizer & High Frequency upgrades. (p. 135, SR3 & p. 30, R3)
Pistol sized weapon w/Smartgun Link

Image Link
Smartgun Link
Datajack (connected to the Image Link and Smartgun Link)

On the user's action a target is selected with the Smartgun reticle and sent to the Robotic Pilot as a Friend or as a Foe (Simple Action). The target becomes "outlined" in the user's image link with a color based on its status.

The Robotic Pilot acts on its next action (often a held action waiting for a target) and fires at the target, continuing to do so on subsequent actions until it feels the target is neutralized (Comprehension check) or until ordered to stop by the user.

Recoil modifiers for the shoulder gun are doubled before recoil compensation. Recoil modifiers between the user and the shoulder weapon are cumulative. Regardless of recoil compensation, both the user and shoulder gun suffer a minimum +1 distraction/movement modifier when the shoulder gun is being fired unless the user is taking no action nor movement/dodging.

Alternately, the Robotic Pilot can scan the area, find, and track targets (up to its Pilot Rating) on its own highlighting them on the user's vision or providing arrows on the side of the user's vision if the target is outside of the user's vision. The user may disqualify a target (friendly targets for example) and the Robotic Pilot will seek more targets until it reaches its maximum. The Robotic Pilot will not fire on a target until designated as a Foe using the Smartgun Link.

The Robotic Pilot uses normal rules for Initiative (Pilot x 2 + 1D6), Perception Tests (Sensor Tests) and Combat Skill Tests as per pg. 44 R3 and pgs. 135 & 154+ SR3.
Technically, you could also stick autosofts on that -- like the sharpshooter and so on.

Hey thanks El Mac for the AVP teaser, made my day! Only 18 years in the making!!
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